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Ahaggar National Park

ahaggar photoThis is one of the largest of Algeria’s National park and reserves dramatically located in the vast Sahara region in the southern part of the country. Ahaggar National park covers nearly 450,000sq km that stretches to include the Sahara desert, undulating sand dunes, the lush oasis of Tamanrasset and the Ahaggar Mountain.

The park is a rich eco-system of not only towering jagged rock mountains but also unique vegetation. The west sahara montane Xeric vegetation or woodlands are a sight habitat for the park while isolated areas in the park have perennial grasslands for where several species of wild animals are found in Hoggar Algeria National park. Permanent vegetation, including shrubs, and stands of acacia and tamarix trees, is largely restricted to the flat gravel drainage lines which lie between the mountains.

Ahaggar Mountains

Ahaggar Mountains are dominant sight of the landscape of the park and it is from these mountains that the park was named. This active volcanic range is actually rugged and a few parts of the slopes are covers in montane xeric woods and other exotic plant species you’ll not find anywhere else in Africa. The highest peak of the mountains Tahat is found in the park raising toe a towering 3,003m above sea level.

Wildlife in Ahaggar National Park

There are several desert cheetahs in Ahaggar National park. These cheetahs are a globally endangered species rarely sighted in the park. Nevertheless, a Cheetah conservation Fund is run at the park to help protect these rare animals from being killed by the nomads in the area who complain of the predator’s role in the declining livestock numbers. By visiting the park on an

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, you are indirectly or directly contributing to the conservation efforts.

Other animals in the park include the Barbary sheep, genets, wild cat, mongoose, leopards, golden jackals, Ruppell’s foxes, sand cats, fennecs, addax, dama gazelle and the endangered painted hunting dog among many others

ahaggar photo


The park is located south of Algiers the capital of Algeria 1500km from the city centre. There mountain experiences a sheer two seasons of cold winters and warm dry seasons. The winter seasons are very cold that temperatures drop to below 0ºC. Ahaggar National Park despite is wealth of animals and flora is rarely visited by Algeria tourists.

Tours and attractions

– there are several other places to visit in the park which include the pre-historic rock paintings, Ahaggar Mountain which is great for hiking and mountain climbing adventures, the tomb of Tin Hinan at Abalessa and the oasis near Tamanghasset.