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Tlemcen National Park is found in north western Algeria in the city of Tlemcen from which it got its name. This park is one of the new additions on the list of Algerian National parks and reserves. It is a very beautiful region of Algeria covered in amazing scenery, flora and fauna besides the interesting people.

Tlemcen national park is mainly made up of forests of Zariffet, Ain Fezza and Ifri, water streams and falls from the El Awrit that all together make a natural habitat for forest endemic wild animals, insects and birds. Several conservation efforts are undertaken to protect and preserve the heritage of Tlemcen’s endemic birds, animals, and forest species and of course the range of historic sites and monuments.


Sightseeing and tours are the best ways to discover this hidden Algerian treasury. Game viewing and wildlife tours are great in the park since more than 140 species of wild animals are found in the park. Bird watching trips in Tlemcen park record nearly 100 different species of birds or while 35 are endemic to the region. There are also 7 species of amphibians and more than 10 reptiles.

More attractions in the Tlemcen National Park have natural sights like the cliffs and caves of Beni Add Caves and the unlikely calcite formations.  A forest walk is good enough to lead you through to the scenic water falls called Cascades del Ourit.

There are several archeological and historical sites in Tlemcen . The mosque of Sidi Boumediene is one of the monuments in Algerian History. This mosque was built by the Merinid prince Abu Hussein in 739 in honor of Sidi Boumedience who is recognized as the patron saint of Tlemcen city. There are also tours to the ancient ruins of Mansoura-mosque and the minaret while the mausoleum of Lalla Setti overlooks the park’s breathtaking forest scenery.

Getting there

There is an airport in Tlemcen called Tlemcen Leila Sebbar airport (TCM) that receives domestic flights and charters from Algiers and other towns across Algeria.


There is accommodation for Tlemcen city travelers and tourists to Tlemcen National park. Renaissance Tlemcen hotel is located a few minutes (2 miles) drive from the park gate in the city of Tlemcen while other nearby accommodation options includes Ibis Tlemcen Hotel and Stade Birouana hotel. You can also find accommodation in Agadir and other surrounding towns

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