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Cameia National Park is found in the Moxico province of western Angola. This Park is named after the provincial municipality of Cameia in which it is found.

The park occupies an estimated 1445sq km and was established in 1938 as a game reserve. Later in 1957, Cameia was proclaimed a national park.  The park’s eco-system is defined by the different rivers that cross and border the park. The Zambezi River marks the northern boundary of the park pouring its waters in Chifumage river  on the southern border while to the east are the Luena River and Lumege rivers.

Lago Cameia and Lago Dilolo are part of the water catchment system in the park. Lago Dilolo is remarkably recognized as the largest lake in Angola


: the park is largely filled with miombo woodland in the Zambezi river basin in the west while the lake shores are filled with extensive reed beds and waterlogged grassland swamps. The park receives an estimated 1145mm of rainfall annually making it one of the highest rainfall belts in Angola.


The park is easily accessible via  Cameia-Luacano road which also forms the northern boundary to the park. The Park gate is at Lumeje, just a few metres off the Cameia-Luacano road.


The park’s wildlife population has dwindled through the years but the most sighted game included wildebeests, tsessebe, Lechwe antelopes and the reedbuck. Other animals that once lived in the park include the lion, leopard, cheetan and warthog.

The park is at 110m above sea level with several rivers and lakes that attract a number of water birds and woodland species.  The park is recorded to have at least 29 water birds and these include the Angola lark, Anchieta barbet, Angoal barbler, black tailed cisticola, Rufous bellied tit, Brown firefinch nad the Kurrichane thrush among many others.

Cameia National park is another of Angola’s National park that was drastically affected by the civil war besides the adverse effects of illegal poaching and human activity in the park.


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