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Namibe Special Nature reserve is found in the Namibe desert of Angola near the coast to the Atlantic Ocean.  The special reserve was opened to the public in June 1957 and covers an estimated 4, 450 square kilometers.

The reserve is largely dominated by the desert sand dunes, rugged hills and mountain peaks and plains that extend to the sea coast. The are a receives and estimated 50mm of rainfall per year and an average temperature of 26ºC


There are several species of wildlife in Namibe special reserve include ostrich, elephants, mountain zebra, black rhino, meercat, wildebeest, eland, sable, lechwe, buffalo, tsessebe, guelenge and impala among many others. Some of the birds in the park include the pelican, flamingos and many others

Attractions in Namibe desert

The desert is one of the most visited places in Angola and offers a wide range of tourist attractions such as the early churches of Santo Adriano and Quicpola Chapel among others. These churches are a major religious heritage to Angola since 1845.

On the coast are attractions like the Sao Fernando fortress, Iona National park and Cunene river will pours its waters in the Atlantic ocean. The ocean is home to several species of marine life including the dolphins, sharks and the sea turtles to mention a few.

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