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The landscape and the climatic in southern Africa provide Angola tourism and safari with a vast diversity of animal and vegetable species.  It is however one of the few south African countries that are visited despite with wealth ecological system.


In Cabinda, there is dense, humid forestland, rich in exotic woods and the natural habitat of gorillas. South of Zaire, in the basins of Kwanza, Kuango, Cuito and the tributaries of the Cassai can be found savannah forestland. On the elevated plains, the open forestland provides a natural habitat for those species normally to be found in such regions.Further South is the desert area of Namibe. A vegetable species known as Welwitshia Mirabilis and unique in the world, grows here.

National Parks in Angola

In order to preserve and protect animal and vegetable life, and some species which are becoming threatened by extinction, natural parks and reserves have been created throughout the whole of Angola, the most important of which being:

National Integral Park of Kwando and the National Park of Cangandala, in the province of Malange, home of the black palanca, a species to be found only in Angola.

The National Park of Quissama, South of Luanda, where, among other species, are to be found the elephant, the African antelope and the wild boar. The coastline of the park is used an egg laying ground for the sea turtles.Some of the mammals in the park include the forest buffalo, eland, roan antelope, waterbuck and bushbuck among others. The population of wild animals in the park decreased over the years due to the civil wars, illegal poaching and increased human activity in the park area

In the National Park of Kameia, in the Province of Moxico can be found the lion, the leopard, the chacal, the elephant and the antelope.

The National Park of Bicuar, in the Province of Huila in the home of elephants, antelopes, elands, gnus and zebras. Cameia National park is another of Angola’s National park that was drastically affected by the civil war besides the adverse effects of illegal poaching and human activity in the park.

The National Park of Mupa, in the Province of Cunene, can be seen among others, the ostrich, the elephant and the hippopotamus. The National Park of Iona, in the Province of Namibe, where the zebra, the elephant, the leopard and the rhinoceros roam freely.

Iona National Park is one of the parks and reserves from the block of protected areas on the Atlantic Ocean coast. This continuous block stretches from the Namibian border parks of Namib-Naukluft National Park and the Skeleton coast National Park both making sections of the vast Namib Desert.

Angola is a nice country for visitors who wish to explore untapped places with fascinating and abundant bird sightings. With about 1000 types of birdlife in its vast habitat, wild bird watching is one of the undiscovered attractions in Angola.

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