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If you have decided you’re visiting to Angola, it’s pretty important for you personally to select the responsible Angola excursion agent to provide help to organize your trip to Angola. Expect the holiday package to include any of the listed  Angola tours here, excursions, Angola flights, Angola hotels and also be responsible for your safety! Angola is a lot of fun and gotta embrace it with a hearty soul!

Museums in Angola

Angola has a couple of important museums in Luanda and in some provinces of the country. In Luanda, are located some of Angolan museums offering awesome human and nature information and a summary of the country’s long and fascinating history, from the slavery Era to independence.

Dundo Museum

Angola’s Dundo Museum is one of the most important museums in Africa with a large ethnographic collection. The museum was founded in 1945 and it is located in the city of Dundo, a small town in the Angolan north ea stern Luanda Norte province.

Angola Natural History Museum

The Natural History Museum in Luanda has a collection of 1000’s of Angolan biodiversity, i.e. wildlife, flora as well as an exhibit on the country’s coastline and the fish species found in region.

Museum of Armed Forces

The Museum of Armed Forces in Angola is a historic building overlooking the city from a high plateau offering a great view of Luanda Bay and the island (Ilha de Luanda) beyond the Port, which houses the records of Angola’s fight for independence.

Angolan Women’s Memorial

Angolan Heroes Women’s Memorial is among the best known attractions in city of Luanda and a very appealing place where families, couples and individuals go to have a portrait or professional photo taken.

Museum of Anthropology – Luanda

The Angolan National Museum of Anthropology in Luanda features an impressive array of traditional masks along with art, sculptures, tools, weaponry, jewelry, clothing, and musical instruments.

Angola Slavery Museum

The National Museum of Slavery in Luanda, Angola, keeps the memories of the torture endured by thousands of slaves before they were shipped to North America and South America countries by European slave traders to work in coffee, sugar cane, cotton and indigo plantations without any remuneration.

Historical and Cultural Attractions

Angola – Prehistoric Paintings

The Tchitundu Hulu Paintings are one of the finest collections of prehistoric rock engravings and paintings in the world and the only attraction of this kind in Angola. The paintings are found inside the caves and on a granite hill locally known as the “Sacred Hill of Mucuisses” in Capolopopo, about 137 km (85 miles) east of the city of Namibe, south of Angola.

Luanda Independence Square

Luanda Independence Square is the most known boulevard in Angola’s capital, and it is the place where Agostinho Neto, the first Angolan president made the proclamation of the National Independence from Portugal in November 11th 1975.

Kifangondo Memorial

Kifangondo Memorial is a tourism attraction in Luanda built in honor of the Angolan and Cuban fighters who prevailed against the mercenary backed forces who attempted to reach the Angolan capital and postpone the national independence on November 11, 1975, by late President Agostinho Neto.

Cultural Festivals in Angola

Sumbe Music Festival

The Festi-Sumbe is a 3-day international festival that takes places in the city of Sumbe, Angola’s Kwanza Sul province, in September of each year. This culturally enriched festival is mainly based on dance and music, and gathers dozens of domestic and international singers and bands of different
music genres and styles for non-stop shows from Friday to Sunday.

Lubango Festival

The feast of Our Lady of the Hill is a 30-day event that takes place in the city of Lubango, Angolan southern Huila province, each year in August. The festival includes a Miss Huila beauty pageant, music shows, the Expo-Huila tradeshow, cattle auction, fashion parades, sports tournament, motorbike racing and workshops.

Mumhuila Mythical Beauty

Mumuhuila is the symbol of the typical woman of the Angolan Huila province who still keeps the habits and customs left by local ancestors through preserving their lovely traditional values and beauty, which delights the foreign visitors who travel to the City of Lubango.

Luanda Island Feast

The Island Feast is a big cultural festival which takes place in Luanda Island on the second Friday of November in honor the Deity of waters, locally known as Kianda, the protector of fishermen.

Angola National Parks and Protected Areas

Birding in Angola

Angola is a nice country for visitors who wish to explore untapped places with fascinating and abundant bird sightings. With about 1000 types ofbirdlife in its vast habitat, wild bird watching is one of the undiscovered attractions in Angola.

Cameia Park

Cameia National Park is in Moxico province, east of Angola, and it is located at about 1,100 meters (3,500 feet) above sea level.

Bicuar National Park

Bicuar National Park is a natural reserve located in Southwestern Huila province, Angola. The wildlife in Bicuar Park include elephant, buffalo, cheetah, leopard, kudu, blue wildebeest, waterbuck and reedbuck.

Cangandala National Park

Cangandala National Park is a nature reserve in northern Malanje Province, Angola, and it is the home of the Black Giant Sable Antelope, locally known as Palanca Negra Gigante. You can as well visit Luando Nature reserve for some interesting walks in the wild

Religious Sites in Angola

Muxima Pilgrimage

Our Lady of Muxima is the most popular religious devotion in Angola that attracts 1000s of local and foreign tourists. The pilgrimage, organized by the Catholic Church, takes place at the Sanctuary of the Muxima Village, 130 kilometers north of Luanda, each year, late August or early September.

Christ the King Cathedral

Christ the King (Cristo Rei) is an extraordinary statue of Christ overlooking the city of Lubango. This brilliant white marble statue, that  sits upon the escarpment that surrounds the town, is visible from everywhere in Lubango.

Angola Carnival

Carnival is one of the most amazing and popular festivals in Angola. The Celebration starts on the last Thursday of the Lenten Season and runs through the following Tuesday, the day before Ash Wednesday.

Other interesting Attractions in Angola include

Arch Lagoon

The Arch Lagoon is a wonderful oasis located within Namib Desert, near the town of Tômbwa, in southern province of Namibe, Republic of Angola. The lagoon locally known as ” Lagoa do Arco do Carvalhão” is a magnificent natural rock formation, a unique place and work of art sculpted by nature.

Lake Dilolo

Dilolo Lake is a mythical lake located in eastern Province of Moxico, Republic of Angola. Lake Dilolo is the largest lake in the country and it lies outside the Cameia Park boundaries and it features extensive reed beds and grassy swamps that are rich in aquatic bird life species.

Iron Palace – Luanda

The Iron Palace is a unique beautiful building found in downtown Luanda, Angola. The entire structure of iron is developed of two opposing features materials-iron and glass that coexist in harmony of rare beauty that brings the visual sense of a metalwork made with twisted threads and curving
motifs compared to a Jewelry filigree.

Barra do Kwanza – Angola

The Barra do Kwanza is an exciting leisure sight near the City of Luanda, Angola, with great natural beauty attractions that include an awesome landscape and amazing beaches with a wonderful panoramic view.

Luanda Marginal

The Luanda Marginal is a spectacular paved area on the Bay of Luanda City, Angola, along the city oldest and largest avenue with a stunning sea view at Sunset. Also known as “o Calçadão”, Luanda Marginal is about 1,200 meters (3,937 feet) long, enhanced with green palm trees and offers a
panoramic view of scenic Luanda Bay and the Luanda Island with awesome splendor at night.

Miradouro da Lua

The “Miradouro da Lua” is an amazing roadside landscape near Luanda, Angola, somewhat similar to the moon surface. At sunset, the Miradouro da Lua offers an incredible sight of a tricolor sharp carved soil, giving to visitors the feeling of being on the moon surface.

Kalandula Waterfalls – Angola

The Kalundula falls, located 85 kilometers (52.8 miles) from the city of Malanje, north of Angola are an awe-inspiring sight. The 104 meter (344 feet) tall waterfalls, locally known as “Quedas de Calandula”, are rated the 2nd largest waterfalls in Africa.

Tundavala Volcanic Fissure

The Tundavala Fissure is a spectacular viewpoint in the rim from the great escarpment of the Leba Hill, which creates a rather impressive view, encompassing a distance of tens of kilometers.

Beaches in Angola

Mussulo Island Beach

Mussulo Island is a big bay south of Luanda, with a large and quite beach, white sand and calm sea waters, suitable for the practice of nautical sports. Mussulo is a picture postcard image complete with swaying palm trees and white sand and it is one of the most popular tourist spots in
Luanda, the capital of Angola.

Massulo Beach  is a place one has to visit, one of the most known tourist attractions in Luanda. There one can find everything, from fishermen to the most beautiful and modern restaurants. Have fun with diverse water sports, find accommodations in quiet Angola Massulo Hotels, and explore some
of the typical food such as ‘pirão’, funge, and moamba.

Tigers Bay

The Baia dos Tigres (Tigers’ Bay) is beautiful, isolated and unpopulated island in southwestern of Angola with hundreds of properties sinking into sand. Most of properties are Portuguese-style buildings previously used as residences and public services by a commercial fishing community that lived in the area until 1974.

Fishing in Angola

Angola offers great opportunities for sport fishing to those visitors who love recreational fishing, including big-game fishing conducted from boats to catch large open-water species such as tarpon, threadfin, tuna and

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