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Angola’s climate is heavily influenced by three local peculiarities; the cool Benguela current that runs to the southern part of the coast,  the rugged mountains in the interior and the presence of the Namib Desert in the south west.


All three play an enormous part in creating distinct Angola Climate of a wet, tropical northern jungle, a dryer and cooler central plateau, and an arid southern belt influenced by its proximity to the Kalahari Desert


There are two distinct climatic seasons in Angola, the rains, from October to April and the mist or “Cacimbo” from May to September, a much dryer season with lower temperatures. High rains are seen along the coast and this reduces as you push further into the south. Maximum rains of around 800mm  with average temperatures of around 23º C


The inland area can be divided into three zones. The North, where the rainfall is very heavy and the temperatures high, the Central Plateau zone, which is generally dry with average temperatures of 19º and finally the South, where oscillations in temperature are registered due to the proximity of the Kalahari Desert and the influence of tropical air fronts.


Luanda Weather


Luanda’s climate is moderately tropical. The dry, cooler season is from June to late September, while the rainy, hot summer season extends from October to May. Average temperatures are hot and humid


When to go


Although different regions vary significantly, the best time to visit Angola is during the cooler dryer months of June to September. It is such a great time to watch Angola’s best in wildlife, excursions and Angola people.

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