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Hotels in Benin

Benin as a destination is a great country with beautiful hotels and resorts that will make your holiday or vacation the most memorable. Depending on what you want, Benin has inns, lodges and guest houses for all people of different classes.Benin is located in the Western Africa on the north coast of the Gulf of Guinea, and for those who may want to have a vacation around the coast, the accommodation is in plenty and at times the choice may be yours to choose where to sleep in hotel, lodge or camp. Besides the coast, there are several Benin hotels and accommodations in the western region and all the vital cities have luxurious hotels that will make your stay wonderful.

Hotels in Cotonou Benin

Cotonou is the capital of Benin and has a number of luxury five star Benin city hotels and other overnight options.

Benin Marina hotel

Located with the city Cotonou has air conditioned rooms, 24 hour room service, telephone services, en-suite bathrooms, digital satellite television, safety deposits at the front desk, private terrace bungalows, sea side view suites, restaurants, bar, conference facilities, swimming pool, and spacious lounge. Reservations and prior booking is very important for stay at Marina Benin Hotel

Hotel du Lac Cotonou Benin

This is another recommended Benin City hotel located in Cotonou with four star rating on the shores of Lake Nokoue. The hotel has 58 air-conditioned rooms, luxurious studios, en-suite bathrooms, satellite television and telephone. Enjoy the gourmet restaurant preparing delightful inter-continental cuisines, swimming pool, terrace and the boat trips on the lake.

Hotel du Port Cotonou Benin

Find the luxurious warm rooms, internet café, and restaurant with international cuisine dishes, Olympic size swimming pool, gift shops, health club, conference facilities, salon and so much more. The night life on the hotel is quite unique; enjoy the sounds of Cuban music (slasa, chachacha, meringue) and the night club.

Other hotels in Benin city of Cotonou include; Dichotel Benin hotel, hotel Ibis Contonou, Hotel Vickinfel Benin, Hotel Noveotel Orisha Cotonou Benin.

Porto Novo Benin hotels include Dona Hotel Porto Novo, hotel Ayelawadje and Hotel Bimyns. From Grand Popo check out

Auberge de Grand Popo Hotel

still standing in ancient colonial buildings with terrace bar, 12 en-suite rooms, lush backyards, wooden balcony, 2 bungalows with thatched roofing, restaurant overlooking the beach and so much more.

Other Benin hotels are found in suburb cities of Dassa Zoume, Abomey, Parakou and Kandi. There are also safari lodges from the different Benin national park for example Chute de Koudou in Parc National du W.

For all Hotels in Benin, it is important that you get in touch with a Benin travel and tour operator or online Benin Hotels website for reservations and hotel reviews. Benin safari and tour packages are the best way to book Benin hotel as hotels and accommodation are part of the safari packages. Find the cheapest and affordable deals online.

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