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Botswana Travel Guide

Botswana is outlined by South Africa within the south and southeast Zambia and Zimbabwe within the northeast and Namibia within the north and west. It’s the northwest corner of Botswana is often visited by several tourists a year since it is here the Okavango River drains inland from Angola to create the Okavango Delta – the biggest inland delta on the planet, also some wealthy profusion of wildlife. The delta is very beautiful, big sky country with spectacular scenery across grassy plains and limpid lagoons. The

Moremi Wildlife Reserve

, covering 700 square miles (1,812 sq km) within the northeast corner from the Okavango Delta, may be the ultimate African safari destination. Other names synonymous with Botswana include Savuti, Makgadikgadi salt pans, Mashatu Game reserve, Tuli block reserve and several other reserves.


The Tourist destinations and attractions of Botswana


may function as the capital and biggest town of Botswana, but when it comes to tourism there really isn’t a great deal to do here. If you are within the capital city for business reasons you will find a couple of attractions for those who have a free of touring, otherwise you can opt ot visit the more beautiful areas of Botswana in the countryside! Botswana is known for its wildlife and the same applies in the capital Gaborone. Gaborone Game Reserve for instance, is definitely an chance to determine zebras, wart hogs, wild boars, apes and several wild birds and also the benefit is when you’ve got a vehicle you’re liberated to drive round the reserve not-led.

Maun; Still only classified like a village, Maun is continuing to grow into among Botswana’s leading tourist towns. It is actually the gateway towards the country’s major national parks and other country side attractions.

Maun Game Reserve

that is easily situated within walking distance from the town is good place to start your Botswana wildlife safaris before you head on deeper into Botswana.

Matsiend Rock Designs and carvings

, are based on legend, a giant named Matsiend crept from a 12-feet hole within the ground 1000’s of years back followed by many kinds of ghostly animals. Because the rocks were thought to be very soft then, his feet created a large, 12-inch footprint that’s considered a sacred spot by Botswana people. Near the foot print are several animal engravings created over 2,500 years ago.

National Parks in Botswana


Okavango Delta

is just one of Botswana’s most widely visited places in Botswana explored by Makoro canoe rides or on a boat. Okavango horse safaris are more adventurous way to experience the largest inland delta in Africa. If you are up for that task, spend 4-6 hours each day going through the camps, sights, and lifestyle of the true safari existence. Moremi Game Reserve is not far from the delta and can be toured before you proceed on to other areas beyond Okavango, the wildlife is spectacular here!

Chobe National Park

in North West Botswana has got the largest concentrations of predators from any national park across Africa. Some of its wildlife includes buffalo, leopard, lion and antelope. The park is near to the border with Zambia and Zimbabwe and thus is a great place to pursue the magnificent

Victoria Falls

, about 60km away.

Mokolodi Natural Reserve

hosts an array of animals varying from tall giraffes, elephants, buffalos, cheetahs, Jackals, hyenas, wildebeest, hippo to herds of zebras and lazy hippos. More than 300 birds nest in harmony with these different birds. There is a research facility and breeding center devoted entirely to protecting endangered species. The most interesting thing is that all conservation efforts are done with the help of the local community.


Kalahari Desert

is very evident on the surface even before you land by flight into Botswana. Kalahari Desert although considered an extremely dry area has some dry savannah grasslands that often become flooded for the rainy season. The moment the rains start, the vivid plants blossom into colorful flowers.. Covering a lot more than two-thirds of Botswana’s land area, the so-known as “desert” turns into a playground for ostriches, antelopes, and colorful flowers. Just in case you consider camping here, bring your personal equipment, and anticipate to hang on tight – guides that set you up at the camping site also supply you with a 4WD vehicle.

The great grass plains of Makgadikgadi and also the connected pan complexes of Sowa, Ntwetwe and Nxai Pans are scenically stunning the very first-time Botswana Tourist  is almost always struck through the immensity of sky and horizon from the Botswana landscape.The large pans of Makgadikgadi would be the most visible remains of the lake disappeared 5 million years back. In the rainy season aftermath, the pans are a source of life, thousands of antelopes, waterbucks, flamingos, pelicans, and many other species.

Botswana leopald

Best Time to Visit

Botswana boasts of a sub tropical climate with hot summer season, once the climate is about 26C, through the country, although it does are afflicted by dusty winds throughout the dry season – April to October within the south, and also to November within the north. Throughout the rainy season lasts several weeks, particularly May to August, Botswana encounters a replenishing time for its wildlife, grasslands and several migrant birds flock into the water logged salty pans. Botswana comes back to life.

Travel around Botswana

Plane tickets to Botswana are usually costly if in the US or the Middle East, but when book your

Botswana vacation

ahead of time, you’ll have the ability to find a very good deals and least expensive plane tickets to Botswana.

There are six major bus routes around Botswana, however, the buses travel on irregular time schedules. The train line operates through the major towns of Francistown, Gaborone, and Lobatse, and may usually be depended on for affordable costs and much more timely service. Car rentals and 4X4 vehicle hire is available for tourist who are visited the different parts of Botswana with rough, dusty roads