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Golfing In Botswana

Golfing in Botswana

When most people are asked about golfing all that comes to their mind is that it is a leisure game that is only played by the rich people but that is not the case. Anyone can participate in golf as long as they know some of the rules that govern the game and can easily access the numerous golf clubs that are scattered around the country and for all those that do not own any golf gear, the different golf clubs have a few golfing gears that they rent out for a small fee.

Golfing in Botswana just like other activities that is carried out by tourists who visit the country and it has been on the rise from the time it was introduced as part of a safari package. You can enjoy your safari of watching the big five in the country with a golfing trip and rest assured that you will definitely enjoy this combined safari to the country.

Golfing involves a lot of rules and for all those that are new to the game and would like to enjoy it while on a safari to Botswana we are going to look at some of the things that are needed for golfing.

  • Golf balls, these come in different designs and the only thing that they have in common is that they are all white and round. If it is your first time, it is better if you buy extra balls because sometimes the balls are lost while playing golf.
  • Golf shoes, these can be got from the numerous golf shops in the country but if you cannot get them, you can use sneaker shoes instead.
  • Golf clubs, everyone who wants to join golfing should own a golf club and these can also be bought in the golf shops. A set of golf clubs include wedges and these can either be made from wood or iron, a putter and a driver.
  • A golf bag, this helps al golfers to keep their equipment safe during the golf playing and also after and that is why it is a necessity. If you are not so sure of which type of golf bag to buy, then you can ask at the golf shops.
  • Golf tees, these are placed on every hole that is found in the golf course and they also come in different lengths depending on what you really want and the material that is also used in making the tees is also different.

The overall best time for one to go for golfing in Botswana is during the dry season where there are no heavy rains because during the wet season also commonly known as the green season, many of the golf course flood making it hard for he golfers to play. And even though golfing has not been taught and heavily joined by the different people unlike other sports, it has of recent started making rounds in Botswana for many of the tourists that visit the country and the locals. Botswana has of recent become a top destination for golfers and this is due to the many golf course fields that are located within the country and some of the best golf course filed destinations in Botswana include:

The chobe golf club in Kasane

Kasane is the town that leads you to the chobe national Park which is one of the largest game parks in the country. The Chobe golf club can be seen right next to the Mowana safari lodge which is found in the heart of the chobe national park and its strategic location next to the Chobe River makes it a good place for all visitors as you get to go golfing and at the same time enjoy the wonderful view of the animals that are always lounging at the River banks for water and to cool off when it comes to the dry season.

The Chobe golf course has about nine holes and before you access it, you will be required to at least pay entrance fees and if you do not have any golfing equipment with you, then you can rent golf kits which can be found at the entrance of the National park. Most of the golf holes in the course are easily adaptable to but there are those that warnings on them especially the 7th hole where crocodiles have been spotted a few times by tourists and that is why it is advisable that you go with a tour guide who knows the whole golf course and the places to avoid.

Some of the animals that can be seen here while golfing include crocodiles, baboons, hippos, wild dogs, the Puku antelope, and buffalos, a lot of bird species that are commonly seen during the green season, leopards and lions. The best time for tourists to go out for golfing in the Chobe golf club is during the month of September and it is a good destination for golfing as the grass is always green throughout the year due to its strategic location next to the Chobe River and its proximity to the Mowana lodge makes it a good destination because tourists get to rest after golfing.

The Phakalane golf club

The Phakalane golf club, this is located in the northern part of the capital city of Botswana Gaborone and one of the best golf courses in the country. It was opened in the year 2002 and both tourists and locals enjoy golfing here because of the hazards that are caused by water from the fifteen dams that were put in the field. It also has 18 holes altogether and it has a club house where you can rest after golfing. The golf course in Phakalane is a good one for all the golfers due to its green nature and although they are expensive, your money will be worth it after you enjoy the golf and get to the Phakalane   resort to rest and get yourself a meal.

The Jwaneg golf club

The Jwaneg golf club which at first was created as a recreational center is located in the Kalahari Desert and is one of the best golf courses in Botswana. The Jwaneg golf club has nine holes and due to the fact that it is considered to be the most challenging courses when it comes to golfing, one should be prepared for the challenge. The terrain on the course is sandy but it is a beautiful place especially with the stream that flows within the golf club and the trees adding onto the beauty of the whole place. The trees however create an obstacle to the golfers but this just adds to the excitement especially for the go getters.

The Gaborone golf club

The Gaborone golf club is located in the capital city of Botswana and one of the most visited golf courses in the country due to its strategic location. The Gaborone golf club has about 18 holes although at first it when it had just been opened, it had only nine holes but over the many years, it has been developed making it a top golfing destination for tourists in the country. For all those who are not well versed with golf, there are golfing lessons that are offered at the Gaborone golf club to groups of people who want to learn and afterwards you can join the pros at the course.

The Blue tree world of golf

If you want to polish on your golfing skills while on a safari to Botswana, this is the right place for you to be. The blue tree world of golf offers tourists a chance to work on their golfing and this is mostly done at the driving range and the other good thing about using the blue tree is that they have a junior golf course driving range where children can also keep busy while their parents practice on the main course.

Golfing in Botswana might not be on a high demand but for all those that are aware of the different golf clubs in the country that is those that have been mentioned and those that have not always add this on the activities that they are supposed to carry out while in Botswana. After visiting all the national parks in the country, golfing is the best way to end your safari in the country and since the golfing in Botswana is cheap as compared to other countries in the world, you will get to spend less on something that is entertaining and also helpful exercise to your body.

Getting to Botswana is not very hard as there are several flights that come into the country but once you get there you must find the best means to get you around and this is where a tour operator comes in. they will help you efficiently book your accommodation, take care of your transport and also take you around to the best golf course clubs in the whole country.