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Manyelanong Game Reserve

Manyelanong is another game reserve located near Gaborone the capital city. Manyelanong is actually a hill on Gaborone –Lobatse road. On the hill is Manyelanong Game Reserve a renowned colony for Botswana birds such as the endangered Otse vulture.

The cape vulture of Botswana an a specie in danger of extinction by die to increased conservation efforts the numbers of vultures at Manyelanong Game Reserve have increased. There are 70 pairs in the colony making it the richest colony in Botswana

Visitor on the game reserve are seriously cautioned never to leave food lying around. This and many other efforts are made to protect the breeding grounds as the vulture are known to fly to the Kalahari for prey food.

The refuge cave at Manyelanong Game Reserve is known for pottery and was previously used as a hiding place for the Dutch in 1870s.