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Savute Botswana Safari

The Savute safari area in Botswana is part of the

Chobe National Park

in the south west , a prime game viewing area covering some 5,00sq km. The Savute is known for its strange channel that runs for almost 100km from the Linyanti Swamp before entering the Mababe Depression at the Savute Marsh.

The channel has been dry for more than twenty years but it is still a wildlife haven, in particular during the rainy season when thousands of animals move in to feed on the lush new grass. The mysterious channel intrigues many geologists.

Along the banks of the channel are skeleton acacia trees which are prominent features of this area. The Magwikhwe sand ridge forms 20m high ridge that once formed the banks of the lake that covered this area once before.

Savute Game-viewing

After the summer rains, thousands of zebras and elephants migrate here from the Linyanti swamps nearby. The pans fill with water after the rains attracting other animals here such as lions, hyenas and a great variety of bird species. However birds are seen here although the year. Some of the regular  bird sights include secretary birds, kori bustards and redbilled francolins with the summer migrants including Abdim’s storks and carmine bee-eaters. Birdwatchers may be lucky to see the gathering of Quelea finches – a single flock can contain tens of thousands of these small birds.

When to Visit

The Savute channel and its surrounding are excellent places to visit all through the year. November to December attract several herds of Zebras from the north (Linyanti) into the Mababde depression. September and October are excellent game viewing months with different animals congregating around the waterholes.

Savute accommodation

There are a few Botswana safari lodges from the Savute areas.

Savute Elephant Camp

was named after its visiting Elephant herds and other large animals. Other lodges include Savuti Safari Lodge and other lodges neighboring Chobe National park.