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Vumbura Plains Botswana

The Vumbura plains in Botswana

The Vumbura plains are located at the Northern edge of the Okavango delta offering tourists some of the best sights that you can get when you visit Botswana. Some tourists call the Vumbura plains the modern Garden of Eden because of the wild life that is has and the untouched vegetation that is found in the plains. The landscape in the area is enough to attract many tourists and with the many activities that are carried out within the plains like game drives, birding, boat cruises, nature walks, your trip to the Vumbura plains will not leave you disappointed.

The Vumbura plains are filled with Islands, small forest reserves, floodplains and both land water activities can be carried out when you are here. Some of the sights and activities that will make your stay in the Vumbura plains include the following:

Go for a Mokoro ride

Mokoro canoe rides are carried out on canoes that are carved out of wood and they carry only two people that is the tourist and the pole guy who keeps on poling the Mokoro around the water so that you get a clear view of the plains. A Mokoro ride in the Vumbura plains is also a good way for one to see the numerous water birds that habitate within the plains and other water animals. It also helps you get to the extremely hard areas within the Vumbura plains that are always cut off when it rains heavily and they become flooded.

Take nature walks through the Vumbura plains

Much as game drives through the plains allow to explore them fully, nature walks give you a chance to get close to nature and the wild experience in the plains. You will be able to see a few birds close up, some small animals loitering around and this is also one of the best chances that you will get to meet with the locals that live around the plains.

For all tourists who want to learn more about the culture of the Botswana people, this is one of the few ways that you can do that by walking to the villages and talking to the different locals as you enjoy their culture that is showcased through songs, dance and drama.

Enjoy the hot air balloon rides

The hot air balloon rides within the Vumbura plains are normally carried out during the months of April to September although sometimes it all depends on the weather. It is a good way to explore the whole Vumbura plains from above, good for photo safaris and gives you a clear view of the animals that roam through the plains and it is also a romantic way to enjoy the sunset with your loved ones. The fees paid for one to gain access to the hot air balloon ride depends on the season and the weather that is if it is the peak season, then the prices will be high but when the numbers of tourists reduce, the fees paid also greatly reduce.



Game viewing in the Vumbura plains

Due to its strategic location within the Delta, it is a home to a number of wild life that is both birds and animals and these can either be viewed during the dry season or the wet season. Some of the animals that you will see while on a game drive through the Vumbura plains include lions, cheetahs, the Kudus, sable antelopes, cape buffalos, baboons, the common reedbuck, zebras, impalas, Vervet monkeys, hippos, the red Lechwe, wild dogs, elephants and many more other species. Game drives are best carried out when there are no floods because this makes the roads more accessible and you also get to drive to all the areas that are not easily accessible during this time.

Go for a boat cruise on the Okavango River

A boat cruise on the Okavango River is possible when you are in the Vumbura plains and it gives you a chance to explore both the River, the Delta and the Vumbura plateau. The boat cruise is normally done when the water levels are extremely high that is during the green season at a small fee but with the help of a tour guide. You will also be able to enjoy bird watching here not with the many bird species that fly into the plains and also get a close look at the aqua animals especially the hippos and a few crocodiles.

While on a boat cruise on the Okavango River, you can also visit the Okavango delta National park where you will see many wild animals before coming back to the Vumbura plains to rest after a hectic day of animal viewing.

Go fishing in the plains

The Vumbura plains are also a good place for one to go for fishing especially if they are riding along the Okavango River or some of the seasonal water bodies that are located in the area. In most cases the fish that is caught is either returned into the water or taken and prepared by the locals. You will also find many locals fishing and this is how you will learn of the locals fishing methods that they use and how the fish is preserved.

Explore the delta plains

The delta plains are located within the Vumbura and a tourist attraction that you cannot miss while on a trip to the Vumbura plains. The delta plains are more attractive during the rainy season due to the abundant water that is found there and the number of birds that can be seen during this time although you will need a 4 by 4 vehicle due to the slippery roads and sometimes flooded roads. But you can also explore the delta plains during the dry season as you will find a few animals loitering around the delta in search of water and note that a visit to the delta plains will cause an extra cost in your expenses.

Go camping within the Vumbura plains

The Vumbura plains are quite ideal for all those that love camping in the wild and if you have not come with your own camping gear, there are already two camps available that is the south and north camp which are all surrounded by animals and thick vegetation. When camping in the Vumbura, you will experience how life in the wild is as you enjoy the night camp fires while being told stories by the tour guides.

Enjoy a hot air balloon ride

Who would not want to fly above the elephants and hippos in the plains and just like any other part of the Okavango delta, the Vumbura plains also has hot air balloon rides that are normally organized from mid-April to September. The hot air balloon ride helps you explore the Vumbura plains easily from above and for the forty five minutes that you spend up in the area, you are provided with an aerial view of the plains, the animals within the plains and it is a good time for one to take aerial photos of the plains and the animals that are seen from above.

Accommodation within the Vumbura plains

The main accommodation facilities that are located within the plains are two camps that is the Northern camp and the Southern camp. Both camps are luxurious offering tourists a self-contained rooms with great room service, good meals that are both local and international and local cuisines, you get to use the private pool around and relax in the evenings as you enjoy the setting sun.

Your journey to the Vumbura plains will be filled with nature like tings and all those that love the wild and nature, this is one of the tourist attractions that are found in the country that you should not miss because of all the activities that you will engage in and the relaxation from your busy life in the city Centre.

The journey to the Vumbura plains is fit for everyone be it adults or children and the one thing that you will be required to do is talk to your tour operator about what you expect from this safari so that you are not disappointed in any way. Book your trip now to the Vumbura plains in Botswana today and have a life time experience that you will never forget.

There is no specific time for tourists to visit the Vumbura plains as the right time is normally decided by the activities that you want to do in the plains which means that you can visit all year round. You can either go towards the end of the green season for game viewing and the dry season for all those that love camping and walking around the plains. Check out our website to find out more about the right time as to when you should visit the Vumbura plains and the months that should be avoided and we hope you enjoy your tour of the plains.