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This park is located in south eastern area of Burkina Faso bordering Pendjari National park in Benin to the south and Singou Reserve in the west. It was gazetted as a national park on 1954 and covers an estimated 760sq km on the banks of Arli and Pendjari rivers.

Its is part of the greater WAP Nature complex that include other national parks like Pendjari Park in Benin and the W of Niger National park found in Benin and Burkina Faso. The habitat in Arli National park is mainly dense riparian forests, water logged savannah grasslands, sandstone and undulating hills of Gobnangou.

erli national park

Wildlife in Arli National Park

There are several species of mammals in the park, many crossing borders to enjoy the lush grasslands in the different countries. Some of the popular sights include elephants, hippos, lion, baboon, buffalo, western hartebeest, warthog, boar, waterbuck, duiker, roan antelopes, bushbuck and the red & green monkey endemic to the forests in western Africa.

Getting there

Arli National Park  can be accessed via the N19 highway via Diapaga or Pama. The roads are rather slippery during the rainy season and it advisable that you visit Arli National park in the dry season. Game viewing is excellent during the dry season as animals collect on the water pools at Tounga.

About Burkina Faso Holidays

Burkina Faso is also known as Burkina and it’s a landlocked country in West Africa bordering Benin, Niger and Ghana. In the past, it was called the Republic of Upper Volta and its taken to be the land of the upright people.

What to see

Burkina Faso is such a great destination for tourists to stay and the plan of its structure shows that it’s the best place for tourists on vacation. The country suffers a problem of climatic change and this has hindered the number of tourists from visiting the country. Although the best months for visiting are November and February of which there may be an interference of the Harmattan wind that brings in the Saharan dust.


is the capital city of Burkina Faso, quickly referred to as Waga. It is a busy city centre, with bustling city markets, streets and a major cultural centre. Visit the municipal gardens, the forest park and lake, large shaded avenues, the presidential palace, Mogho Palace and the cathedral. Other interesting towns include Banfora, Bobo Dioulasso, Dafra and Dori among other towns

Visit the national museum in Waga and experience some of the best collections of traditional music, basketry, pottery, farm tools and masks from traditional ethnic groups.
The most noticeable demonstration of the very multifaceted Burkina be literary mix are music, dance and wooden masks. The latter, in particular those of authentic antiquity, are highly sought after by collectors, while the contemporary mask and Burkina be sculpture markets provide much material for the curio and artifact trade in Europe.

Other interesting sites on Burkina Faso holiday tours include the Ruins of Loropeni, The Grand Mosque at Bani and Reserve De Nazinga

Burkina Faso National Parks

Part of Burkina Faso tourism is its national parks and conservation areas. There are 3 national parks within Burkina Faso, each sharing a border with another country.

Parc National du W

(W National Park) is a very important regional conservation effort and is managed by inter-governmental co-operation between the 2 neighboring countries of Benin and Niger, east of Burkina Faso. This park is actually the largest nature reserve in Burkina Faso and in West Africa occupying the meandering tributaries of Niger river that form some shape of W. Regular sights in the park include buffalos, antelopes, elephants, hippos, lions and birds like Arli.

Arli National park is found south east of Burkina Faso on the border with Benin. It is Burkina Faso’s most visited game open to tourists from December to mid May. Some of the game sights include elephants, monkeys, hippos, lions, antelopes, leopards and a variety of birds.

Kabore Tembi National park is found south of Ouaga occupying an area of 15,000 km with common sights of primates, elephants and birds

Burkina Faso is the junior partner with smallest territorial involvement, but from Burkina Faso access to other regions of the park is relatively easy. Unusually in West Africa the park system is well run and conscientiously policed. It is largely free of human influence and hosts strong populations of elephant, lions, hippopotamus, cheetah and leopard as well as many others. The area is also an important bird habitat with some 350 recorded species including many long range migrants.

Burkina Faso Travel

Travel and tours within Burkina Faso is quite easy, reached by flights via

Ouagadougou airport

located 3km from the city centre. There is a train that services the city with schedules from Abidjan (Cote de Ivoire) to Bobo, to Waga and Kaya. Buses and vans operate from all neighboring countries.

The country is characterized with a tropical climate with two different seasons. The hottest months are between March and June when actually the temperatures are above 40°C and humidity is between May and October. The best time to go for

Burkina Faso safari vacations

is December to May when most of the parks are open to tourists and warm temperatures prevail across the country.

Hotels in Burkina Faso

range from five star luxury facilities, standard hotels wit restaurants, guesthouses and budget accommodation is available too. The top rated hotel in Burkina faso include Hotel les Palmiers, Hotel Restaurant Les Palmeirs, Le Karite Bleu, Hotel Canne a Sucre and Hotel L’Auberge among others


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