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Burundi Flights

As a small country, Burundi has a few interesting attractions on Burundi holidays but worth the spending. Some of the best attractions are within Bujumbura the capital city, Gitega museums, Nyungwe forest National park bordering Rwanda, Kibira National Park, Rusizi forest reserve and the source of the Nile.

The problem may be because the country has only one international airport and this is called

Bujumbura International Airport

(BJM) that is located nearly outside the capital and carries an average of 85,400 passengers yearly. Travel and flights to Burundi are good within the dry season of June, August and December to January, warm temperatures (17-23º C) and fairly passable roads with 4WD.

Cheap Flights to Burundi, Bujumbura Airport (BJM)

There are about six Burundi air carriers that fly in and out of Bujumbura including Air Burundi, Rwandair, Ethiopian Airlines, Kenyan Airways, Brussels Airlines, and TMK Airlines from DR Congo. National Carrier is Air Burundi offers designed flights to Kigali in Rwanda as well as  to Entebbe airport in Uganda.

Besides this, there is a trans-continental link via Brussels on Brussels Airlines. Unfortunately, they tend to limit the national flights that are usually offered by Air Tanzania to Dar es Salaam  in addition to Ethiopian Airlines via Addis Ababa and Kigali, Kenya Airways via Nairobi and Kigali, Interlink from Johannesburg as well as Rwanda air Express from Johannesburg.

Ethiopian Airlines has flights from Washington DC, Boston and New York to Bujumbura airport (code BJM). Direct flights to Burundi are through Nairobi, Kigali and Entebbe. From Johannesburg, South Africa, there are one or two stops with South African airways, Air Mauritius or Emirates.

Booking your cheap flights to Burundi Bujumbura is very important and can be done online through different travel agents and tour companies. There are however no domestic Flights in Burundi.