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Burundi Hotels

Burundi is such a great destination with beautiful people that actually make your trip the best ever. Bujumbura is the capital city of Burundi and its well known for its luxury Burundi  hotel accommodation with excellent services and better facilities.

Besides these expensive hotels, there are cheaper places to go to such as inns, lodges and guest houses depending on what you want. In these places, the standards are really inconsistent and the security is not a guarantee.

The commonly visited hotels include the source du Nil, the clos de Limbas, the Novotel along with the sun safari. To all tourists who visit Burundi ought to know that accommodation outside the capital may not be simple to find and if got, it doesn’t have reliable services.

Keep in mind that hotels with beautiful compounds give the best accommodation furthermore the national parks provide elementary camping facilities.

Bujumbura Burundi Hotels

Hotel Source Du Ni

is an exclusive luxury Burundi hotel wit the heart of Bujumbura with unparalled staff service, hotel vans and shuttles, swimming pool, more than 100 self contained rooms, restaurants, well stocked bar, conference facilities and other first class hotel facilities

Hotel Club Du Lac Tanganyika

found in Chaussie D’uvira, Bujumbura is a popular beach resort on the shores of Lake Tanganyika making it famous with tourist and holiday makers in Burundi. All rooms have iconic views of the lake by the balcony and room windows, boutique shops, thatched rooms that give a cool ambiance, conference hall, green golf course, terrace bar, night club, 2 restaurants, swimming pools and a health club

Club Des Vacances Hotel

is a few kilometers from the airport and is a popular hotel with travellers and tourists. The luxurious hotel ambiance is accompanied by well designed rooms wit en-suite bathrooms, restaurants, bars, swimming pool, laundry services, gift shops, forex bureau and ready hotel vans and 24/7 taxi cabs

Hotel Chez Vaya

has comfort and style in its hotel suits, lush backyards, spacious lounge, restaurant, internet and telephone services and so much more.

Novotel Bujumbura Hotel

is also a few kilometers from the main Burindi Bujumbura airport and has air conditioned rooms, restaurants, business centre, gift shops, swimming pool, internet access and a well stocked bar

Other hotels in Burundi include Motel Saint Michel in Bujumbura, Metropole hotel in Bujumbura, Rem Hotel, Karibu hotel, Safari Gate Hotel and many others in form of guest houses and self catering apartments