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Douala is one of the most important towns in Cameroon. It is actually the economic capital of Cameroon and also serves as the main entrance into the country through Douala International airport and sea port at the Atlantic coast.

Douala boosts nearly 75% of Cameroon’s industries thus attractions a growing population of 2m people. The majority of this population is youth who come to the city in search of jobs.  The rising population comes with a lot of challenges to Douala including poor infrastructure and compromise in services such health, education and accommodation. You will find that some parts of the town are actually shanty…typically called urban ghettos.

Attractions in Douala

Besides the old buildings in town, Douala is known for endless tea plantations in Buea and the banana, rubber, and pineapple plantations to Kumba. The city is located on the banks of the Wouri River, the two sides linked by Bonaberi Bridge. The city is divided into quarters with Akwa and Bonanjo being the most important with Akwa being Douala’s nightlife center and Bonanjo its center of commerce and administration.

A day at the rubber plantation teaches you how rubber is grown and it is handled before you see the rubber materials in the market such as tyres.

Accommodation in Douala

Meridien Hotel Douala offers quiet dinner at hotel or a restaurant in town with live music or restaurant at harbour. Other options include Hotel Kumba and a number of guesthouses near the airport, hostels and homestays. Along the city’s main thoroughfare lie some of Cameroon’s best restaurants, coffee houses and French-style patisseries; along the waterfront, many bars and bistros may be found

Getting There

Douala Flights

-Douala is connected to other parts of Cameroon through Douala international Airport which is a major entry point in Cameroon.Cameroon has over 16 major airports including the Yaounde Airport which is an important as Douala airport.

Railway-the old railway line that was constructed by the Germans in 1911 runs through the towns of Boanberi to Nkonsamba and ends in Eseka town. There is a TransCameroon railway line which runs from Douala through Yaounde to Ngaoundere. CAMRAIL- which has several trains at very cheap rates.

Contact a Cameroon Tour operator for available car hire services around Douala and beyond.

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