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Limbe is another of very interesting towns in the Cameroon countryside. It is a typical agricultural town with a number of rubber plantations and many other plantations dealing in the different cash crops.

Likewise the town is filled with several agro-processing industries thus attracting a host of job hunting youth from all parts of the country. Limbe  has boasts as the petroleum capital of Cameroon with a refinery  (Societe nationale de rafinage; SONARA) located here. These and many other industrial activities have led to the growth of Limbe from being a small town like Bamenda to a more important industrial town in south western Cameroon.


The towering slopes of

Mount Cameroon

make the background of Limbe, while the sea coast is remarkable for the cool weather, fishing and Cameroon holidays. It is a very clean town with several attractive beaches, a good climate and several historical sites.

Formerly called


from the early British times of 1858, Lime boasts a long history of both colonization and Christianity. This small town before it came to be called Limbe was founded by british missionary Alfred Saker in 1858 but later in May 1886, it was handover to the Germans who at the time ruled Cameroon as their colony.

The people of Cameroon in Limbe are welcoming and friendly. The language used here includes French, English and several indigenous languages such as Bakweri.

A popular tourist attraction of the town is the

Limbe Wildlife Centre


Limbe Botanical garden

with a diversity of fauna and flora species as well as a jungle village at its centre; all serving as major tourist attractions in the town.

Limbe Wildlife Centre

The Limbe Wildlife Centre (LWC), a wildlife rescue and rehabilitation project situated in the South West Region of Cameroon, was started in 1993 by the Pandrillus Foundation, a conservation NGO, and the Government of Cameroon.

Limbe wildlife centre is home to several species of animals such as 15 Gorillas, 50 endangered vellerousus chimpanzees, drills, madrills and Preus monkeys. You will also find different species of birds and flora.

Other interesting sights in the town include the Bismarck tower, the museum, the cement factory at Bota and  Limbe stadium among others.

 Getting there

Limbe is only 70 kilometers from Douala. It is connected by train from Douala while the Limbe Port is not only for commercial purpose but also connects Cameroon to other west Africa countries.

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