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Yaounde is famously called the town on Seven Hills just as Kampala Uganda. This town is the capital of Cameroon founded in the late 1880s by Germans who were more interested in Ivory trade rather than the people or the land itself.

Yaounde is another important industrial town of Cameroon besides Limbe and Douala. Some of the major industries in Yaoundé include tobacco, coffee, sugar, rubber, cocoa, clay, glass and diary products.


The presidential palace is located at Etoudi quarters at the top of a small hill. This is one of the best and most guarded presidential homes in Africa.
Yaounde is home to nearly all the ministries in the country, higher institutions of  education, a big football stadium (Ahmadou Ahidjo stadium), a sports complex under construction, several attractive parks, supermarkets, banks, hotels, a golf course, several embassies, military headquarters and several other services not found anywhere else in the republic.

Some great monuments in Yaounde for sightseeing include Catherdral of Notre dame, Cameroon Art museum, the Cameroon National museum, the Reunification monument, the statues of Dr.Eugene Jamot and Charles Atangana, several small lakes around the town, the French cultural centre and the Handicraft centre at Monte Anne Rouge.

For a busy city in Cental Africa, Yaounde has little of wildlife but there is a small zoo at Mvog-Betsi if you are interested in greener Yaounde.

Getting there

It has a good intra urban transport network and an international airport.

Yaounde international airport

is very airport for Cameroon flights and tourist alike.  Railway-the town is connected by railway to Douala in the west and N’Gaoundere for the north.

The town has intra urban buses and taxis that take people to any destination within the town and beyond at cheap rates. There is a bus on Douala Yaounde route taking 3hr ride to and from Douala. Contact any Cameroon tour operator for Car Hire services in Yaounde.


Yaounde has wet and dry weather with longer wet months from February to November. Dry weather comes in the months of July and August while December and January are the driest months of the year.

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