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Why take a Tour in Cape Verde?

cape verde holidays photoThe beautiful Cape Verde islands are a bewitching combination of Portuguese plus African influences, as reflected in the numerous European -style structures dotted across the ever-changing terrain, the exceptional musical styles, as well as the intriguing combination of African plus European traditions and conduct. It is most evident in the food they offer, with various Portuguese foods (like fish and other seafood dishes, sausage, olive oil, lemon plus garlic) in addition to African foods (maize, stews, tropical crops plus beans) nicely combined of the majority of menus.

The first impression of several visitors’ to Cape Verde comes in the somber tunes of Cesaria Evoria, the best known vocalist on the island. The ‘barefoot diva’ is the best promoter of morna, a lovelorn form of folk music much like Portuguese fado. the leading aspect of life on the Cape Verde is music, and many islands stage joyful carnivals, and the Baia das Gatas Festival is the most commonly known of all .

Things to do on every island of Cape Verde

Take pleasure in a memorable holiday on Cape Verde an archipelago of subtropical islands as a world of beautiful fine white-sandy beaches, rich culture, countless turtles, Portuguese ambiance and pristine nature unveils before you. Cape Verde comprises of a group of ten (10) volcanic and sub-tropical islands within the Atlantic Ocean off the West African continent approximately 459km from Senegal. This amazing destination enjoys very pleasant weather throughout the year which enables it to offer a diversity of tourist activities.

Below we have highlighted some of the best things to do and places to visit on your holiday in Cape Verde.

  1. Go Diving and snorkeling

For the adventurous holidaymakers who enjoys exploring the underwater world Cape Verde offers various options for diving and snorkeling. The island of Sal has some of the best places to enjoy this activity so you can visit the Santa Maria Beach and explorer the rich wildlife beneath the ocean water

  1. Unwind On the Beautiful Beaches

Tourists looking forward to Unwinding on the beach during their Holiday will surely not be disappointed by cape Verde as you will find a large number of beautiful coastal beaches such as Santa Monica and Praia de Chances in Boa Vista, and Santa Maria Beach on the island of Sal with white sand and whose beaches are met by crystal clear waters. The beaches are very beautiful and scattered with trees that offer beautiful sheds to relax under. The water temperatures are conducive for swimming

  1. Visit Praia the capital of Cape Verde

Praia is the capital city of Cape Verde and the main tourist area in this city is the ‘Plateau’ where administrative buildings and ancient buildings which were constructed following the colonial style of architecture. it has several nice bars and fine restaurant and please don’t miss out on the lively market where you can buy some souvenirs.

  1. Go Kite Surfing

There are a number of water supports available in Cape Verde but nothing beats the thrill and adventure of engaging in a wind sport. From November to March this island country experiences strong winds especially on the coastline of Boa Vista and Sal Island which offer the best conditions for kite surfing. The activity can be in enjoyed by experienced surfers as well as beginners, and most interesting of all there are instructors who can offer some tutorials to those interested in taking part in this sport.

  1. Visit the prettiest village – Fountainhas

Fountainhas is considered by many people to be one of the natural wonders of this island country because of its breathtaking setting in which this village is found. Today National Geographic awarded it the title of the ‘Prettiest village’ in the whole of Cape Verde. The village is found in Santo Antao and it is one of the most recommended places to discover while on a foot adventure. You can also enjoy some refreshments and fresh juice at the local bar there.

  1. Hike up a volcano

Persons interested mountain climbing or hiking, Cape Verde has something for you as well. Take hold of you walking sticks and do not forget your comfortable hiking boots with good ankle support and head out to the island of Fogo where you will find various amazing trails that will give you an opportunity to attempt the challenging landscape here. The Cha das Caldeiras found close to the remnants of the peculiar Pico do Fogo is one of the best hiking trails and it is worth trying out.

  1. Go Turtle Spotting

Ervatao beach found on Boa Vista offers very amazing opportunities to see turtles and in fact you will not need to go into the water to see them. These can best be seen from the month of July through August and September. This site is the world’s most significant turtle nesting place and has a very large number of turtles that move to the sand here to lay their eggs. Turtles can best be seen at night and a number of guided tours are conducted on this beach.

  1. Visit Cidade Velha – the oldest city in South Sahara

Established in 1462 this is the oldest settlement found in Cape Verde and previously served as the capital city. In 2009 UNESCO declared it as an ‘Intangible Heritage of Humanity’. Unique about it is that this was the very first City that was ever constructed by Europeans in the whole of southern Sahara to present day the original design of the early settlement is well preserved and very intact and when you visit you will surely feel like you are several centuries back in time. Previously Cidade de Vela was a very significant hub for trade along the Atlantic Ocean and even for slave trade.

  1. Enjoying horseback riding

Another fascinating activity offered on Cape Verde is setting out on adventure on horseback, during which you will enjoy the breathtaking sights and laid-back ambience of the island of Boa Vista. Several adventurous holidaymakers are commonly seen riding and racing through the shallow waves along the shoreline especially in the afternoon. it is a very adventurous and exciting activity and fortunately many islands in Cape Verde offer this amazing activity.

  1. Go Fishing

One of the popular activities conducted in Cape Verde is fishing. There are a number of guided fishing tours conducted on most of the islands including Boa Vista and on the Island of Sal with many tourists engaging in this amazing activity. The opportunity to make your catch in the crystal clear waters here is quite amazing and there are various types of fish found in this area. The fishing trips vary from deep sea fishing, surf casting, rock fishing and big game fishing so the choice of trip you will take will surely depend on your preference.

  1. Visit the Market of Assomada

Dealing in a variety of items including fresh fruit, vegetables, animals, other agriculture produce and other items such as clothing and bags, the Market of Assomada is the most significant of all markets found in Santiago. This very nice market runs daily opening very early in the morning till 5 o’clock in the evening however, the most important and busiest market days are Tuesday and Saturday. A visit to the market will give you the real picture of the day-to-day lifestyle of the people of this island

  1. Explore the Salt Mines

On Pedra de Lume an island that seems to be abandoned are salt mines – an activity that seems to have started back in the 18th century and was the primary source of income for the hundreds of people that were living on this island. Today the remnant mining ponds left behind as evidence of the mining works that happened here have crafted its landscape into a very photogenic backdrop. A visit here will give you an opportunity to visit these different salt mines and the local guides will give you detailed history about this ancient activity.

  1. Quad bike on the sand dunes

On Boa Vista as well as the island of Sal Quad biking tours are available and you will be able to follow an itinerary to visit the various sites, beaches and also ride in the amazing sand dunes.

  1. Hike Monte Gordon National Park

Formerly a mountain volcano the Monte Gordo rises to a height of 1,312 meters making it the highest peak in the whole of Sao Nicolau. This is a highly recommended place to visit for holidaymakers interested in hiking

  1. Visit Carbeirinho

Carbeirinho prides in a number of unique rock formations and it is considered to be among the seven natural wonders found on Cape Verde. The artistry displayed by Mother Nature is very breathtaking and close to the rock formations is a place where you can enjoy a refreshing swing.

  1. Enjoy the Local Music

for those interested in loosening up a bit set out in the night any visit any of the local entertainment centers where will have some live band music and you will in fact get an opportunity to mingle with the local people. The entertainment is pretty thrilling and very relaxing especially at the end of your day’s adventure.

Frequently asked questions on Cape Verde

Below we have compiled a number of commonly asked questions on Cape Verde that are asked by holidaymakers visiting the country. These have been professionally answered and will help you better understand the destination you are visiting

Do I need a Visa to go to Cape Verde?

Every person visiting Cape Verdean who is not a citizen of this island archipelago or married to or a child to a Cape Verdean Citizen is required to obtain a Visa to be allowed into the country. In case you fall in any of the above categories you have to present clear proof of either a birth certificate or a marriage certificate. Visas can be obtained by applying to the embassy of Cape Verde in your home country or you can pay for one on arrival at the airport especially if there is no embassy in your country for Cape Verde.

What is the electricity currency of Cape Verde?

Cape Verde uses the electrical sockets of type C and F. for that reason you are advised to bring an adopter despite the fact that many hotels and resorts claim to provide them.

What is the local currency used in Cape Verde?

The Cape Verde Escudo is the local currency used and it can easily be exchanged against the Euro. In case you wish you exchange foreign currencies for the local Escudo, this can only be done at the banks. Credit cards on the other hand are not commonly used except in restaurants and large hotels. These may also accept payment in Euros.

Do I Need Vaccines when going to Cape Verde?

Yes, The WHO together with the National Travel Health Network & Centre recommends a number of vaccinations for people going to Cape Verde and these include:  yellow fever, hepatitis A, tetanus, hepatitis B, rabies (especially if you will be getting in contact with animals) and typhoid.

Do the People in Cape Verde Speak English?

The official language for Cape Verde is Portuguese. On the other hand, Creole (Kriole) is spoken widely across the islands of Cape Verde. Creole is a blend of, African, French, English and Portuguese languages. French is also widely spoken and when you go the touristic islands such as Santiago and Sal, proper English is spoken by the locals.

Is it safe to swim in the sea in Cape Verde?

many holidaymakers visiting Cape Verde look forward to swimming in the ocean however because the island of this archipelago ate volcanic islands, and a number of these experience strong currents and have cliffs, you are advised not to take a dive in the sea.

Are there sharks in Cape Verde?

When you go to the deep waters, you will find Bull sharks as well as tiger sharks which you will hardly encounter onshore. However, nurse sharks and lemon sharks are what you are highly to encounter and these are extremely peaceful.

What is the dominant religion in Cape Verde?

according to the findings from an unofficial poll conducted by local churches over ninety three percent (93%) of the people in Cape Verde belong to the Roman Catholic faith and about five prevent (5%) of the population is Protestant with the most dominant Protestant denomination being the Nazarene.

Is tap water safe to drink in Cape Verde?

Tap water is not safe to drink in Cape Verde. All tap water to be consumed must be filtered and properly boiled or disinfected. In case you are to consume bottled water, ensure that the bottle cap is properly sealed. To clean your lenses and brush your teeth, you are highly advised to always use either boiled water or bottled water.

What is the best time to visit Cape Verde?

Cape Verde can best be visited from November to June (summer ttime) when it is dry and pleasant and very conducive to enjoy the beautiful white-sand beaches for which this island is popular for. The country hardly experiences any rain and the average temperatures range from 25°C to 28°C. when you visit in November and December you will surely enjoy the crystal clear turquoise waters, hike Cape Verde’s mountains and explore the vibrant local markets.

The rainy season of Cape Verde’s

Cape Verde is a country that experiences the tropical climate and the rainy season begins in the month of July up to October with September being the warmest month receiving the highest amount of rain. Generally, the rains present as short heavy showers that turn the entire once sun burnt countryside landscape into a beautiful emerald terrain. This time o the year is however not recommended for safari as a number of roads become impassable and beaches are not pleasant.

When is best time to enjoy water sports in Cape Verde?

The autumn winds that come in November make this one of the best time to enjoy water-sport activities such as surfing, Windsurfing, sailing, sea fishing and scuba diving. the waters are warm, the waves are good and there are ten (10) days of sunshine experienced especially in the month of  March. These conditions go on all through the summer time.

Which Tour Company or Tour Operator?

Cape Verde is percecape verde holidays photoived among the number one tourist holidaymaker destinations in Africa and for several years has received thousands and thousands of guests traveling from varied countries. The truly amazing thing is that Cape Verde has lots of tour operators who organize awesome tours to the different tourist sites across this beautiful country. You may in fact contact them for assistance in organizing your memorable tour in Cape Verde.

Where to Stay On a Cape Verde Tour?

When preparing a holiday, among the essential things to think about is where you will sleep. Luckily, Cape Verde delivers a various accommodation types which are grouped from the lavish 5 star luxurious hotels offering   first class services, excellent food as well as prime quality facilities, there are also the mid-range facilities suitable for a standard travel and lastly the basic affordable facilities which also provide regular services plus amenities.

The quantity of hotels within Cape Verde is growing swiftly as the nation markets itself as one of the tourist destinations. There are huge international chain hotels found on the main islands, whereas there are many beach resorts within Sal. On the other hand, you may sleep in beach huts or even pensions found on the smaller islands. Reservation in advance is crucial in the high season (from April up to September).


Best Time To Visit Cape Verde?

The average weather in Cape Verde is generally tropical. in contrast to a standard tropical weather Cape Verde experiences hardly any rainfall in nine of the months in the year while the other three months experiences minimal levels of rainfall. Less than an inch is distribute over what is known as the ‘wet season’ from June, through July to August. On a typical day within the Cape Verde, you will have average temperatures of about 25ºC in the month of June and then 29ºC in the months of July and the August, offering a year round exceptional climate. The climate in Cape Verde experiences very minimal seasonal variation and temperatures will become a little cooler in late-October or nine the month of November and in early April, it will warm up again . Sunshine hours stay very high during the entire summer (which is the wet season) as the rest of the year it goes beyond ten hours every day.

Summercape verde holidays photo

Summer weather within Cape Verde is extremely warm during the day and at night. The temperatures at Night remain at a pleasing range of 16ºC – 18ºC as the enjoyable oceanic breeze assisting reduce the hot humidity levels during daytime. March, April, May as well as June are the driest months of Cape Verde as a very minimal 4mm of rain is received in that period. Rainfall during July remains very minimal with an average of 11mm. during August and September it is likely to receive more rainfall; but the volumes are still minimal compared to other tropical climates. Cape Verde hlidays are an instance of a real beach vacation since tourists spend the majority of days taking in the hot sunshine as well as experiencing the pleasant sea temperatures.


In case you wish to escape the cool winter climates common to the UK, a holiday in Cape Verde could be the perfect solution. The climates typically become somewhat cooler at night but nothing extreme that will hurt your beautiful skin. December plus January are the coolest months in Cape Verde however the islands will have minimums of 12ºC at night time with average temps of 25ºC in daytime. The Sea temperatures reduce from 25ºC during the summer time to about 15ºC in January as well as February. There are long hours of Sunshine long in the winter months during the day.

Cape Verde is a fresh discovered island chain of about 115 dramatically beautiful islands beaming with warmth and friendliness of the local people, breathtaking scenery, turquoise ocean waters, exotic white sand beaches and in a nut shell, a tropical paradise!

The islands is a versatile holiday destination, never disappointing to any tourist, be it a water sporting fanatic or just ready for a romantic gateway, enjoy the serene island beauty. For all those who like to spend their holidays close to nature, Cape Verde holidays include walk to the lush country side of beaches of Santo Antango, vast mountains backdrop and more. Horse riding, walking holidays, golfing, big game fishing, bird watching, windsurfing and kite surfing on the island of Sal make the host of adventurous activities on the island’s archipelago. Diving along with fishing can also be what you might enjoy spending your time while you are on holiday in Cape Verde. It is warm and sunny all through the year with temperatures of 22-27ºC, with this kind of weather; you can’t give an excuse for not travelling to Cape Verde!