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Places To Visit in Mauritius

Tourists always imagine that Mauritius is only filled with beaches especially due to its location on the Indian Ocean but that is not the case. This majestic Island is filled with a lot of tourist attractions that are all littered all over the country and it becomes hard to choose exactly what where one should […]

Chamarel Tours Mauritius

Exploring Chamarel, Mauritius Chamarel is found along the western coast of the Island of Mauritius. It is one of the top tourist destinations in the country due to the various attractions that are found in the Chamarel region and the exciting activities that you can carry out while here. There are a few questions that are […]

Cheap Holidays In Mauritius

Mauritius is a top destination for many tourists and its strategic location along the Indian Ocean make it more interesting as everyone wants to at least get a good feel of the Island which is located not far away from the famous Madagascar Island. There are many tourist destinations that are located in the country […]

Mauritius WaterFalls

Exploring the waterfalls in Mauritius An Island that is a gem waiting to be discovered, the Mauritius Island is a tropical Island that is located on the Indian Ocean a little farther off the East African coast. Filled with natural beauty that includes Mountains, Lakes, the Indian Ocean itself, lagoons and not forgetting the famous […]

Diving in Mauritius

Mauritius’s location along the Indian Ocean has made it a perfect place for everyone who loves diving. You will find that it is much easier to get around the island since it is a small one and get to explore all the different diving destinations. Diving is mostly carried out by only those that have […]

Fishing in Mauritius

Mauritius is a country that will keep on surprising you at every turn and fishing is one of the many things that you can carry out while on the Island that will definitely keep you entertained all throughout your stay on the Island. The Island is the perfect place for tourists who are interested in […]

Mauritius Culture

Culture and people of Mauritius Located on the Indian ocean Mauritia his a country that has a unique culture that can be traced from different ethnic backgrounds that is the French and British colonialists, Arabs, Africans, Chinese and Indian workers who came during the colonial times. The Mauritian culture is what creates the uniqueness of […]

Food Tours In Mauritius

Mauritius is a multi-cultural country that is filled with people from different walks of life and the food goes into the same direction. The country is filled with Hindus, Arabs, Chinese and many more other ethnic groups and all these have their favorite delicacies that they like to prepare and all these can be tasted […]

Helicopter tours in Mauritius

A helicopter ride around the Island of Mauritius is a one life time experience filled with beauty and uniqueness. It is the best option of transportation that can be used by all tourists who want to explore the whole Island in a very short period of time. When it comes to helicopter rides, Mauritius is […]