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Ennedi Desert Chad

The upper part of Chad is covered by a big part of the Sahara Desert which is known as the Borkou-Ennedi-Tibesti Region. In the northeast is the Ennedi Plateau,one third of this region covered under the Ennedi desert. Even though is sounds harsh and hostile place to be, Ennedi desert is a beautiful place to visit with a desert safari or camel tour.

Tourist Attractions

The rock formations were amazing sight in desert with the first rock art painting on some of the rocks. Many of the rock art represent all kinds of animals that the first inhabitants of the desert had. These today remain in gorgeous red brownish rock paintings.


Guelta d’Archei

is a beautiful wetland in the

Ennedi Plateau

near the town of Fada. The lake is a major source of water in the desert often visited by many people and endless camel trails to have some drinking water. The lake also has the endemic Sahara desert crocodiles that feed on poo left by the visiting camels.

The formations and lake of Guelta d’Archei is maybe the most popular and unique one in the Ennedi Region but we visited a lot more of these Sahara Oasis, especially near the town of Ounianga Kebir.

Touring the desert is an interesting part of Ennedi desert safari in Chad. You can tour by camel, or drive through with 4X4 vehicle. Of course you need a tour guide to lead you on your trails.