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Manda National Park Chad

Manda National park is located in southern Chad near the town of Sarh and bordered. Chari River to the east and to the south west is Sarh-Ndjamena road. The park occupies more than 113,000hac and was established in 1965, prior being only a faunal reserve since 1953

The vegetation in the park is dense woodlands, savanna grasslands, and grassy flooded plains to the banks of the river Chari. The area receives an average of 100mm of rain every year with the highest received around April.

Getting there; the Park is easily accessed via the town of Sarh and on the border is Sarh Ndjamena road


Some of the birds found in Manda National Park Chad include Yellow penduline tit, Senegal Eremomela, blackcap babbler, white collared starling, bush petronia, Rufous Cisticola, Gambaga fly catcher and the red faced pytilia among many others.

Mammals in the park include lion and other large mammal that can only be seen during the dry season. Other National parks and reserves in Chad include Aouk National Park, Zakouma National Park and Goz-Beida National Park .