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What to wear on safari in Kenya

Kenya is one of Africa’s busiest tourist hubs; at least it was until terrorist attacks made it a security risk to visit this beautiful of Africa. Like Tanzania, Kenya has it all from wildlife in several game parks, mountain ranges, historical sites, and coastal towns to sandy beaches and resorts. There is something for everyone to enjoy. Whether you are visiting Tsavo game reserve, the Aberdare mountain ranges, Mount Kenya, the white sandy beaches, Nairobi, Mombasa, Kenya is magical everywhere you go. And what do you do in a magical place, you have fun!

Well you are guaranteed to have fun in Kenya, thing is you want to look right doing it. So you need to have the right clothes and accessories for whatever activity you embark on.

Here’s what to wear on your Kenya safari;


Safari dress code in Kenya varies with place and activity. If you are visiting the coastal town and hoping to enjoy the sun and the beaches you will of course need you swim wear. But you need cover ups for when you get out of the water. Most of the coastal communities are Muslim and quite conservative, you do not want to offend their sensibilities. So keep it as decent as you possibly can. Walking through the towns you can wear a pair of shorts ( preferably not very short), dresses, trousers-these can be comfortable linen, or jeans. Dress for comfort on the coast, because it can be quite hot, but still try to be as decent as you can.

If you are going mountain climbing, or hiking in the Aberdare ranges or Mount Kenya, you need warm comfortable clothes. Even away from the highlands, Kenya can get very cold; especially at night and in the early mornings. The best way to cope is to layer your clothing. And layering is what you should do on the mountain climbing adventures as well. Shirts, fleeces, jackets, trousers, thermal socks, gloves, balaclavas, you name it. But the items listed above should make it to your suitcase. The thing about layering is that you can peel off or add the layers as and when the temperatures change. So as you climb up and as you come down, you will be comfortable with every change in altitude.

Wildlife safaris: Kenya is good for these kinds of safaris. If you are going game viewing in Tsavo national park or any of the other parks in Kenya you want to dress comfortably. Safari clothes-trousers and shirts are good. Cargo pants are comfortable. For game drives get these clothes in neutral colors so you can blend in with the wilderness. Avoid white shirts they get dirty and dusty, black clothing should be avoided too. It absorbs heat, and attracts insects such as tsetse flies. Try and get clothes in natural fabrics or synthetic fabrics with moisture wicking properties. You can wear light jeans.

Leave the bright colored shirts and blouses at home. Bright colors startle the wild animals away, which defeats the purpose of a game drive.

Kenya weather changes a lot. Yes the country sits right on the equator, and gets really hot, but when it gets cold, it freezes, so regardless of what time you travel, carry a warm sweater or a fleece. You will be glad you did.


Safari hiking boots are good, but they are nt all you need. For the most part good comfortable boots and walking shoes will do. For game drives, you will be in the vehicle most of the time so your shoes will not do much work.

However if you plan to go on long nature walks, hike or mountain climb, good hiking boots are necessary. Be sure to get yourself a pair way before your trip and break them in so that your feet are comfortable by the time the hiking trip comes around.

For touring the towns and enjoying the beaches, easy comfortable sandals will keep your feet happy.

Just think simplicity and comfort for both your foot wear and clothing while on safari in Kenya.


Accessories include hats, sunglasses, scarves, socks, and a few other small things. Hats and sunglasses come in handy when the sun in out and determined to show you how hot it can get. Shield your face, neck and your eyes. Sunburn is not a pretty sight.

Scarves are good too, for tying down your hat, wrapping around your neck when there is a mild chill, and they are generally a stylish accessory.

Sweaters and jackets, don’t forget these, warmth is good.

Your Kenya safari wardrobe should look something what has been mentioned above. Fancy clothes are good, and you can carry a couple for when you visit some high end hotels with particular dress code, but for the most part, just keep it simple and comfortable.