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What to wear on safari in Rwanda

The land of a thousand hills is as picturesque as the phrase infers. Contoured gills, volcanoes, gorillas, lakes, history, and amazing people are some of what you will find if visits Rwanda. Rwanda safaris are mostly popular for the once in a lifetime gorilla trekking opportunity that the country offers, but there is more to Rwanda than gorillas.

Shopping and packing for a Rwanda safari is not much different from shopping and packing for a Uganda safari. The two neighboring countries do have some tourist features in common and climates are pretty much the same.

Here are a few things you shouldn’t forget as you plan and pack for your safari in Rwanda.

Gorilla tracking in Rwanda: your wardrobe

Gorilla tracking in Rwanda is done in Volcanoes national park. The park is located on the slopes of the Virunga volcanoes. The high altitudes imply low temperatures and cold weather, so your wardrobe should aim at achieving comfort and warmth. Layering is the best way to accomplish this. A long sleeved shirt, a fleece, and an outer waterproof jacket should be comfortable enough. So pack some safari shirts, preferably in synthetic moisture wicking fabric, a fleece or two and a rain jacket.

For bottoms, safari trousers and outer covers if you want a pair will be good. Remember warmth and comfort. Add a pair of good sturdy hiking boot, warm socks, a hat and sunglasses and you are ready to track gorillas in the Virungas in Rwanda.

Game viewing

For game viewing average safari clothing should do. Think neutral coloured safri shorts or trousers,, or khakis. Safri shirts in neutral colours too; brown beige, green or kahki. Safari boots-well broken in and comfortable,, safari jacaket preferably one that is water proof,   a wide brim hat, and sunglasses. That is what you need for a game drive in rwnda. You can enjoy game drives in akagera National Rwanda where there is plenty of wildlife, and some breath taking scenery.

Bird watching

Bird watching is a safari activity best enjoyed in comfortable clothing. Depending on where you are going to be doing your birding, you can wear jeans, cargo pants, shorts, boots or walking shoes. Comfort Is key and depending on your birding location you want to dress right. Most of the birding is done in the national parks and so game viewing clothes might also do.

Visiting the genocide memorials:

Rwanda has a dark history and a tragic past. This history is documented in several genocide memorial sites across the country, and these sites have become tourist sites. They are very education and awe inspiring.

What do I wear on a visit to the genocide memorials?

Most of these sites are in towns in Rwanda, urban area so to speak. So dress simply and decently. For ladies you can wear jeans and a decent top or skirts or dresses. Gentlemen can wear jeans or nay other trousers they might have. While Rwanda is growing and developing fast, it is a still a bit conservative, so it is important that whatever you choose to wear is decent enough and will not offend the locals.

The Virunga mountains, mountain gorilla, national parks, birding, genocide memorials, hills and mountains and lots of wildlife including several primates are some of the things that draw people to Rwanda. In the past few years since gorilla trekking picked up, and countries such as Uganda and Rwanda started earning good revenue from tourism there has been an influx of visitors in Rwanda. If you are one of the many people hoping to visit this lovely little country, then take the above advice and pack right for your safari.