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What To Wear On Safari  Women Clothes

A safari in Africa is not a guy’s only adventure; it’s a fun trip for everyone. If you are a lady or a girl looking for fun and adventure, the kind that gives you memories to last a lifetime, then an African safari is just the trip for you.

Africa is full of amazing places and breath taking sights and sounds, every corner of the continent was richly and uniquely blessed with spectacular natural features and creatures. All you need to do is pick a region or country and plan your trip.

Like every other vacation you need the right wardrobe. It is only right and fitting that you shop and pack for your safari in Africa with some guidelines. So here are some tips on safari clothing for women. What you will need, what will be comfortable, what will be practical in the African wilderness and what you should most definitely leave home.

Safari clothes for women

Trousers & Shorts for Women on Safari

Short s and trousers are the perfect safari wear. They are comfortable and can be worn for pretty much any activity. The trick is to make sure you have them practical fabrics. Safari trousers are good, khakis are good too. Jeans could work but they are quite heavy and could easily get uncomfortable. If you can, get shorts and trousers in some fabrics with moisture wicking properties.

It’s important to pay attention to colors too. Hot pink shorts are fun and pretty and might be just the thing that usually brightens up your day, but you will have to leave those at home. On safari you want to blend in with your surroundings especially if you plan to see some wildlife in any of the game parks across the continent. Bright colors might startle the animals away, and definitely draw attention to you rather than the rich wilderness you are there to explore. So for African safari work with neutral colors for shorts and trousers. Browns, beige, khaki, green – Colors that will blend with the environment and give you a sense of camouflage.

You can park comfortable cotton shorts for wearing around the camp site and the lodge, or for more relaxing activities such as nature walks. A pair of dress pants or casual trousers for that night when you choose to have dinner at a nice hotel should also be included in your luggage.

Dresses and Skirts on Safari

People often wonder whether feminine clothes such as dresses and skirts should have a place in a safari suitcase. Yes they do. There are even safari dresses that can be worn on activities such as game drives. These are a bit like safari trousers or cargo pants; they fit well and have several pockets. Some have adjustable sleeves, o you can fold and make them short sleeved or long sleeved. You can pack some dresses for relaxing evenings and less adventurous activities. Village walks, and visits top nearby towns can be done in dresses. These should be of decent length, preferably below the knee; your reception by the locals will be much warmer if then.

Skirts are good too; long flowy free skirts will be comfortable especially on hot days. If you are in less conservative communities then shorter skirts, could be acceptable. But keep it at a maximum of an inch above the knee to be safe, and not offend the locals.


Shirts and blouses

Trousers, shorts and skirts all need top bits. You could wear your safari trousers or any comfortable cotton shirts and t-shirts as well.

Pack both long and short sleeved shirts in neutral colors. White is good, and reflects heat, but it gets dirty so fast and the African wilderness is most definitely dusty, so save the whites for another time. Collared shirts are good because they give your neck some protection from the heat, cold, and insect bites.

The same advice goes for blouses, no bright colors, comfortable fabrics, leave the silks and satins at home. Carry both long and short sleeved blouses.

Fabrics with moisture wicking properties are recommended.

Women Safari Shoes

Women like their feet comfortable and this is very important on an African safari. So on safari depending on what activities you intend to pursue you might need pair of safari boots. These should be sturdy, preferably y leather and fitting with enough toe room. Try to get high boots that at least cover your ankles to protect your lower legs from insect bites and low shrubs. If you are buying new boots, buy them early so that you have time to break them in, and see if they will give you blister. That way by the time you go on safari your feet are used to and comfortable in the boots.

Pack a pair or two of comfortable walking shoes, and casual sandals as well. You will not be gorilla trekking or mountain climbing the entire time you are in Africa. Your feet will need a break from the boots.

Accessories For Women On Adventure in Africa

So with all the above clothing, there are some accessories you cannot do without. These include; a wide brim hat, a pair or two of sunglasses, a pair of comfortable socks, hand gloves and a scarf or scarves. There is more, much, much more, but these are the basics.


An African safari is one of the most adventurous tours you can ever take as a tourist or traveler or in your entire lifetime. It is an opportunity to enjoy the true wilderness of Africa and can be an exhilarating experience.

It is an amazing opportunity to encounter nature in its true form, but you need to have the right safari clothes to enjoy it fully. Some safaris, such as, walking safaris and gorilla trekking, need you to have the right clothes and in the right colors. If you are interested in seeing wildlife, you will go on game drives and spend most of the time in the vehicle as you try to spot the animals from a distance.

Organizing a Safari to Africa.

Women generally love travelling. It is an activity that soothes their minds and gets them away from home. They will save lots of money to make their dream of taking a safari to Africa come true. Besides reading about wildlife and gorillas, they spare time to plan for their tour in advance. They consult tour operators to organize and make arrangements for safaris to different destinations.

After the travel arrangements are sorted out, the next step is figuring out what to pack.

Tour Operators sometimes provide information to their clients to guide them on what to carry depending on the weather of a certain country.
A lot of women are very attached to their clothes and will want to pack their entire closet, most of which is probably useless on an African safari.

Safari clothing for women is a big and important thing and such clothes are usually delivered in big clothing collections. Safari clothing collections usually include hats with wide brims for protection against scorching sun, safari jackets to provide warmth since it’s always cold in the mornings and evenings, Women’s foot wear which is very important to take note of, shoes and boots must be sturdy and comfortable and many others safari clothing accessories.

If walking from one shop to another is too tiring and challenging, you can shop online. You can still find genuine clothes with affordable prices. Online shops concentrate on their clients’ needs and are usually knowledgeable about what clothing and gear would work for different destinations.

If you have travelled to Africa before, then you know and will agree that some of the things that will make your safari adventurous, enjoyable and memorable are the right safari clothes, comfortable hiking boots, walking shoes and sandals that are worn around the vicinity of the lodge. It is amazing what a difference the right wardrobe can make


Colors to wear on an Africa Safari Tour

Safari colors are pretty simple, the only tip you need to keep in mind is that neutral colors are the best. After paying lots of money for your safari, you would not wish to miss out on spotting the wildlife so you wear clothes that will blend well with the environment. Khakis, Olives, browns and greens are some neutral colors that could work for you. Even the vehicles used for the game drives in the parks have such colors. Bright colors tend to drive away animals and attract insects which may ruin your safari experience.

Camouflage clothes are a faux pas. You could easily be mistaken for a hunter and arrested, that would bring your fun safari to a miserable end.

The best safari clothes for women are those made out of cotton. Cotton clothing absorbs heat and still keeps you comfortable. Try not to ignore expensive clothes because of their price tags, they are usually durable compared to cheap clothes which might disappoint you in the long run. You should make it a point to pack wrinkle free clothes for your tour. If you have so many days on safari, these will be easy to wash and maintain. Try your best not to pack clothes that need ironing, you might not get the time and service to maintain them. Remember to travel light. Keep your luggage light to avoid inconveniences when moving from one lodge to another.

Travel Light

Traveling light is the best way to enjoy your safari. So pack only necessary clothes and accessories like a hat and sunglasses. Jewellery is totally unnecessary safari, but you can buy the African ones to take home. Carry a sweater or shawl for the early mornings and late evenings which are always cold.

You may want to visit some hotels or restaurants that require you to dress up a little more formal than safari pants and shirts, so carry an extra dress so you can look smart for the occasional evening out. Recycling clothes is hard and uncomfortable for most women but it is inevitable while on safari.

Since Africa’s weather is difficult to predict, baggy clothes may be to your advantage if it starts to rain. These take no time to dry. Remember to carry a rain jacket, the rains could start anytime. It is advisable to shop before you travel, do not wait to do your shopping when you reach your destination, you may not get the time, or the items might be too costly and it could disorganize your budget. Pack light clothes to sleep in, it’s sometimes hot in the night and heavy clothes may be uncomfortable.

Joining Groups

Women love to travel in groups, it is quite rare to find a woman travelling all by herself, especially on a safari. You will see them delight in the game drives that are done in the morning and later afternoon in different national parks. Sometimes that safaris organized are tailor-made to meet the client’s needs and preferences. The different types of accommodation set in place are fashioned to make you feel at home, they have an African feel and style that you may not find any where across the world. Imagine relaxing by the poolside as you spot wildlife at a distance with calm weather to sooth your mind it paints a good picture, doesn’t it?

Come experience the true wilderness of Africa.


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