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What To Wear On Safari in Tanzania

Tanzania is a beautiful country to visit. It is big and there is something to see in every corner. This amazing piece of Africa has about 16 game parks and reserves. So there is so much wildlife to see. Not forgetting the vast sandy beaches and the coastal towns and historical sites. You definitely need to make plans to go on a Tanzania safari holiday if you haven’t yet.

If you are planning a Tanzania safari trip, you will need the right clothes for the adventure; you don’t want to stick out like a sore thumb when you are wearing the wrong clothes. Just because you are a tourist doesn’t mean you can’t blend in with the environment you are visiting. So here are few tips on what to wear on a Tanzania safari.


Depending on what safari activities you choose, your clothes might vary.

If you are going game viewing, keep it simple. Safari shorts or trousers are good and comfortable. In cargo style you have enough pockets to carry your small accessories, and these come in neutral colors which blend in with the African wilderness. Khakis and some jeans could work too. Remember keep the colors neutral and stay away from dark jeans.

Safari shirts both long and short sleeved are the way to go. T-shirts too are good too. They are comfortable. If you can get some synthetic moisture wicking shirt you will be a very happy camper. Again; neutral colors, khakis, browns and greens.

If you are going mountain climbing up Mount Kilimanjaro, you will be doing a lot of layering so you need shirts, two fleeces one thick and on medium, and a rain jackets, or water proof jackets. For trousers, stay away from jeans if you can, the get heavy and when drenched they are muggy and uncomfortable. Safari trousers in synthetic fabric will be comfortable. Bottoms too can be layered.

Remember to carry a warm jacket, waterproof if you are on a wildlife safari.

If a sunny holiday at the beaches on the Tanzania coast and in Zanzibar are what you are going for. Then get out your summer wardrobe, but try not to scandalize the local communities. Swim suits in which to enjoy the beaches, shorts and comfortable shirts to relax. Clothing for a beach holiday in Tanzania is pretty easy to pack for. And yes you can park your jeans and dresses.


What shoes do you need on a Tanzania safari?

If you are going for a wildlife safari, you will need boots, sandals, and walking shoes. Sturdy leather boots are hat we recommend especially for game drives and safari walks in the parks, or chimpanzee trekking in the northern circuit game parks. Make sure these are well broken in before your trip so your feet can be comfortable. You need sandals too for relaxing around the campsite, lodges and walking through the nearby towns; walking shoes are good for easy guided walks and tours of historical sites.

For mountain climbing you needs hiking boots. Strong, fitting and comfortable hiking boots. Preferably high ones which will protect you feet and ankles from insects and the cold.

Sandals and easy comfortable walking shoes are good for beach holidays be sure to carry those. Do not forget to pack warm socks if you are mountain climbing, hiking or tracking primates. Your feet need to be kept warm.

Head gear and accessories

For whatever kind of safari you hope to enjoy in Tanzania you will find that there is and accessory you will need for your head. For mountain climbing you will need a hat, balaclava, or a cap to protect your head and shield you face from the cold wind. For a wildlife safari in any of the game parks, you will need a wide brim hat to shield you from the hot African sun and protect your eyes and neck. Pair that hat with a good pair of sunglasses and you will be just fine.

For the beach a hat and sunglasses should keep you comfortable.

In some area like in the mountains, hand gloves and under gloves might be necessary. Other accessories you could carry with you are binoculars, and camera.

All in all be sure to dress right for your safari adventure whatever it might be. Having the right clothes is half way a guarantee of fun.

Tanzania is home to the Serengeti, the Kilimanjaro mountain, Ruaha, one of the few places you could see the great wildebeest migration, and so much more. You want to enjoy all this in comfort, so hop right, and pack right.