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Only in Africa can you can you enjoy a relaxing afternoon watching elephants bathe in the mud, see lions prowling in the desert or resting in tree branches, track across the Kalahari and experience its beauty, go gorilla trekking and experience nature in a unique and personal way. There are so many places at across the continent where you can have some or all of these experiences, Zambia is one of them. You might not get gorilla trekking, bit you will definitely see some black-mane lions and elephants, and wildlife.

Zambia is breathtakingly beautiful, scenic and exciting. Nature was good to this nation. Gifted with magnificent waterfalls such as the Victoria Falls, the blue-green steaming Kapishya hot springs, national parks such as the South Luangwa National Park, the Lower Zambezi National Park, Kafue national park and a few others. There is so much to see; you need to make several trips or one very long vacation.

To enjoy all of what Zambia has to offer, you will need to pack a suitcase full of the right safari clothes and accessories.

Dressing up on a Zambia safari is not only about convention, keeping warm, protecting yourself from the heat of the sun and protection from insect bites, it is also about blending in. Sticking out is not good, you do not want to stick out because you have all the wrong clothes on.

Here are a few tips on what clothes you should pack and wear for your Zambia safari holiday; be sure to put the following into your suitcase as you pack.


Game drives in the national parks are on of the fun things you’ll probably do on your safari. So pack your safari or cargo pants and shorts, and shirts, and even dresses. Layering is what will keep you comfortable. So a light inner layer preferably a shirt, cotton ones are good, even synthetic fabrics with moisture wicking properties can do; a thicker mid layer like a fleed, and a thick seater of water proof jacket as an outer layer. That’s basic layering. You can peel off the layers as the day progresses and the sun comes up and gets hotter and hotter and eventually sets and it gets cold and colder.

Carry both long and short sleeved shirts and at least two pairs of trousers. Quick drying and moisture wicking clothes are what you should look for. Light weight water proof jacket, sweater, fleece or sweat shirt should also make it to your suitcase.

Away from safari camps and game parks, safari clothes will make you stick out like a sore thumb, so if you plan to explore the rest of Zambia carry some casual decent clothes. Jeans, Knee or mid length skirts and dresses for ladies, jeans and other trousers for men. Dress casual and comfortable and you will be just fine.

Don’t forget your swimsuit, you will want to jump into the pool for a relaxing swim after a day of game viewing, nature walks and bird watching.

Accessorize your clothes with hats, scarves and sun glasses. You will need all of that protection from the heat and the bright sun. These accessories are practical and stylish too. So you’ll look good, but you will be protecting yourself as well.

Footwear for comfort

On safari in Zambia you need comfortable shoes. Getting blisters on your toes during you fun holiday will ruin it for you. So of you are getting boots get sturdy comfortable boots with enough toe room. Try to break them in if they are brand new, so that if they give blisters they can heal before your safari starts.

Other than safari boots, pack a pair of casual walking shoes and a pair or two of sandals. Sports sandals or dress sandals are good. In the evenings, around the lodge or hotel, or in as you explore the nearby towns, you want more comfortable than boots.

As you pack try not to forget the small things like underwear, light weight woolen socks, gloves and night wear. They are also part of the comfortable safari wardrobe.

So shop well, you can find all of this is stores and online. Shop, pack, and travel, enjoy Zambia.