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western gorillaGorilla Safari in Congo, Gorilla Tours in DR Congo

Congo is one of the interesting African safari destinations with a number of abundant national parks. Among these include;Upemba National park,Salonga National Park,Okapi Nationla Park,Maiko National parks,Kahuzi-Biega National park,Virunga National parks as well as Garamba National park.

Because of the luxuriate vegetation, Congo has an excellent climate with rain, heat and humidity. But to the highland regions in the east, the rain is less along with the Atlantic seaboard. Besides that, the other areas receive a favorable climate. A fairly dry season is usually in the months of June and September and it’s the best time for Visitors.

Gorillas in Congo

Congo is lowland country and this favors Gorilla safaris and tours. Although many of them are in danger of extinction and the few are only found in Maiko National park and from Virunga Volcanoes National park. In this park, forest Elephants and Chimpanzees are easily spotted out.

Garamba National park is located in the northeast and it’s covered with savannah, woodland along with gallery forest that is a habitant for large populations of Congo elephants as well as White rhino.

Parks such as Virunga National park, Kahuzi-Biega National park extend beyond the Parc National des Volcans bordering Rwanda with about 700 mountain Gorillas. From Kahuzi-Biega Park arewestern lowland gorillas which are largely endangered gorilla species in eastern Congo

Gorilla trekking in Virunga National park Congo takes place in habituated groups of 8 persons. Some of the gorilla families in Congo include Kwitonda, Mapua, Rugendo, Kabirizi, Munyaga and Humba. There are around 90 habituated mountain gorillas in Congo living in more than 6 families.

Congo Gorilla Safari tips

It is important that we preserve the habitat of the endangered gorillas, the lowland gorillas are actually the most endangered species with many falling to Ebola and illegal poaching. If your on Congo gorilla safaris, ensure that you follow each of the set guidelines.

Gorilla tracking is often long and requires that you are physically fit, with comfortable trekking boots, a walking stick, a rain jackets, long sleeved clothing,, a good camera and carry your lunch too.

A gorilla tracking permit is a must if you are to have Congo gorilla safaris. You can get the permit from your safari and tour operator or from the Congo wildlife offices near the parks. For the good of conserving the gorilla habitats and rain forests, you must book your gorilla safaris in Congo before arrival on Congo tours.

There are a number of safari and tour operators that can tailor your Congo gorilla tours and safari to include

Rwanda gorilla safaris

and gorilla trekking in Bwindi forest park or from Mgahinga National park on

Uganda Gorilla Safaris

. Look out for the best Congo Gorilla safari packages inclusive of hotels, accommodation and transfers.


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