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This national park is found in the northern part of the Republic of Congo occupying and estimated 34000sq km of largely dense tropical rain forest.  This part of the Congo is among the least populated areas making it a pristine habitat for several species of mammals and birds.

This part of central Africa is a protected region in which 2 other national parks-Dzanga Sangha National Park in Central African Republic and Lobeke National park in Cameroon create a concession reserve of

Sangaha river Tri-National Protected Are

a to protect the western lowland gorillas of Africa.

Mbelibai is a specific area in Noubale Ndoki National park where the gorillas reside and visitors visit regularly to see them. This large forest clearing is found in the south western section of the park and many other species of mammals share the habitat with the gorilla families here which is a rare characteristic


The park is known for the endangered western lowland gorillas besides other primate species like the black and white colobus monkey, red colobus, guenon monkey, chimpanzees, grey checked mangabey and other primates. Other mammals in the park include forest buffalo, leopard, bush pig, rodents, bongo, African forest elephants, crocodiles, sitatunga,  blue duikers and more than 14 different reptiles.

More than 300 species of forest and water birds are recorded in the park with particular sights of the hawk, owl, heron, vultures, eagles, parrots and others.

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The park is part of the large Congo River basin rain forest and thus receives heavy rains all through the year. The rainy season is August to November while the dry months start in December to February.


The adventures in this Congo National Park are thrilling and endless. Some of the activities that you can enjoy include guided forest walks, Bai hiking trails and rides on the banks of Sangha River.

The Baka pygmies that live in the forest area have an interesting tradition and culture that you many the interested to explore. Get to know why and how these people have survived in this densely forested area for centuries. Hunting and gathering in the forest is one sure way to interact with them.

Fishing is another adventure for tourist visiting

Nouabalé-Ndoki National park and the people/ villages on the banks of Sangha River.

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