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Okapi National Park

This park in north eastern region of Ituri DR Congo is sometimes recognized as just a wildlife reserve. Okapi National Park is named after the endangered antelope species Okapi that only live in this area of central Africa.

The park is dominantly filled by the Ituri forests which mark the boundary with Sudan and Uganda in the east and thus occupy more than 70,000sq km. the park only occupies a fifth of the forest area which is 14,000sq km.

The forest is drained by three rives Epulu, Nepoko and Ituri which also meander through the reserve area.


More than 4000 African forest elephants are recorded in the park, together with 5,000 okapi antelopes and 2,000 leopards. Other animals in the forest include chimpanzees, bonobo, crocodiles, water chevrotain and forest buffalo. The reserve also nests more than 300 species of birds.