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Located south east of the country, Upemba National Park is named after Lake Upemba that borders the park to the west in Katanga Province. Other park boundaries are marked by Lualaba river-Upper Congo River also in the west. The park lies on Kibara plateau which is 1750m above sea level thus covering more than 11,500sq km. Grasslands, wooded grasslands, riparian forest and swamps define the vegetation in the park.

The rainy season brings floods to the park with temporary swamps filling up with water and permanent water ponds over flowing. An average of 1200mm of rainfall is recorded for Upemba Park and the Lake basin every year with the heaviest rains in February and March In the dry season, the grasslands often catch wild fires due to intense heat and winds.

Lake Upemba

This Congo River Lake measures to the depth of 3.2m although its waters flacutate according tot the seasons and rainfall amounts. The water level is high during March to June while the dry season of October to January drains the lake as animals also visit for some water to drink


There are several birds in the Lake Upemba basin with notable species like Wattle crane, Chestnut owlet, bee-eater, Racket tailed roller, shoebill. Dickinson’s Kestrel, barbets, Angola Lark, Cisticola, Souza shrike, honeyguide greenbul, leaf-love, Warblers, Nicator, Miombo rock thrush, flycatchers, sparrow weaver, paradise, seed eater, firefinch and many others.

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