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Why Visit Egypt?

Egypt is an old country; Also Cairo has been in existence since 969 CE. There is busy, then there is Egypt busy. Within the cities you will see a large number of bikes, cars, donkeys, motorbikes and tractors moving about in all directions without clear lanes or traffic lights control signals.

Last but not least, is amazing Egypt. There are many things to see for you actually believe. visit the Sphinx, The beautiful Great Pyramid, the stunning Red Sea, and then Alexandria and Ginger a donkey .

There is no place filled with natural wonders like Egypt!

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Best Things to do on a Safari in Egypt

  1. Go scuba diving at Hurghada

Hurghada is the most famous town on the red Sea coast in Egypt and it offers a number of fascinating activities to engage in during your visit in Egypt especially in the month of December. The town has a very beautiful landscape not forgetting the beautiful coral reefs plus the very crystal clear water. Get a chance to walk on its beautiful sand shores which offer a perfect place not only to enjoy a beach holiday but also engage in activities like snorkeling and scuba diving.

  1. Enjoy a walk in Al-Andalus Garden

This garden is very unique and I believe it’s something that many people have never seen elsewhere in the world before. The beautiful garden is located within Cairo on the river banks of the great River Nile and offers a peaceful Oasis. Hidden behind towering walls receiving very large numbers of tourists annually this magnificent botanical garden is unique in its own way considering that it is found within Egypt a country known to be very dry and barren. It has a wide assortment of colorful benches, fountains and arches making it a paradise for photographers and holidaymakers interested in Birding. The structures preserved in the Andalusian way are the highlight in this garden leave alone the statues of Ahmed Shawky a repeatable Egyptian poet pharaohs and lions also found here.

  1. Volunteer at the Animal Care in Luxor

This amazing activity is best suited for holidaymakers who are interested in animals. The ACE is a charitable organization what is dedicated to assist in stopping the suffering of thousands of animals in the poorest communities of Egypt specifically Luxor through offering veterinary care services as well as community sensitization (awareness) and education for free. The place receives a very large number of visitors who during their visit get an opportunity to see the veterinary doctors as well as other trained personnel take care of the different animals that were previously over worked such as donkeys, cats, horses and a number of stray dogs. In addition visitors are allowed to stay here for a couple of days and engage in voluntary work as they take care of the animals here. This facility will also broaden your understanding about the different animal therapies and Care given to animals. It is no doubt that this is one of the most satisfactory activities you can engage in Egypt

  1. Volunteer at the Animal Care in Luxor

This amazing activity is best suited for holidaymakers who are interested in animals. The ACE is a charitable organization what is dedicated to assist in stopping the suffering of thousands of animals in the poorest communities of Egypt specifically Luxor through offering veterinary care services as well as community sensitization (awareness) and education for free. The place receives a very large number of visitors who during their visit get an opportunity to see the veterinary doctors as well as other trained personnel take care of the different animals that were previously over worked such as donkeys, cats, horses and a number of stray dogs. In addition visitors are allowed to stay here for a couple of days and engage in voluntary work as they take care of the animals here. This facility will also broaden your understanding about the different animal therapies and Care given to animals. It is no doubt that this is one of the most satisfactory activities you can engage in Egypt

  1. Visit the grand aquarium in Hurghada

The impressive marine life and ambience at the Hurghada Grand aquarium is particularly dedicated to inspire all its guests irrespective of their age while promoting marine life conservation as well as offering an in-depth understanding of the importance of the ocean life found beneath the water. On your visit you will be able to get an in-depth teaching on the conservation, stewardship as well as ecology of the marine life in this area. in addition there are various activities you can engage in at this place such as taking part in the daily feeding schedule, exploring the different exhibits within the aquarium, diving with the dolphins and you will be able to see the different colorful types of fish and other Marine wildlife.

  1. Visit the Tamr Hena Museum to see Egypt’s creativity

The city of Alexandria which is home to this beautiful museum overtime was influenced by Roman, Egyptian and Greek empires who left a trail of culture and history that can be seen today. A visit to the Tamr Hena museum will offer you an opportunity to see all this beautiful blend of culture and tradition unveiled before you in just one place.  Back in the early times of the Christian church to the more recent Democratic revolution of the Arab in addition to a lot of data on significant historical events are all part of what is displayed in this beautiful museum in very intriguing forms. The experience here makes your visit worth every penny with unique displays. The museum is very fascinating and extremely creative including the krusty Hydra hanging up from the ceiling; the caged dummies of monkeys; a tiny photo studio and snakes that are freely roaming.

  1. Learn to make paper from papyrus at Giza

According to Egypt’s history one of the greatest civilization achievements that were ever recorded in the country is the creation of paper. Distinctively the Egyptians made a writing material from a soft mash obtained from the papyrus trees which to date still grow along the course of the River Nile. Visiting the papyrus institute found in Giza which is also the town where the great pyramids are located will offer holidaymakers an opportunity to have a demonstration of how the early Egyptians made paper locally from pulp. Fascinatingly papyrus is among the most bought items in Egypt and during your visit you will be able to easily get a number of souvenirs made from papyrus which will make a better remembrance of your visit in this African country

  1. Experience the Berber culture at the Siwa Oasis

The Siwa Oasis is one of the less traveled places in Egypt and it is basically a desert settlement found close to the border of Egypt with Libya. this place is best known for its exception of Berber culture, large Olive plantations, plantations of dates and the peculiar Temple belonging to the long ago Oracle of Ammon. Today the temple lies in ruins however this town still offers a great insight into the native culture the Western Egyptian desert.

This beautiful settlement offers a very amazing holiday experience within Egypt however guests interested in visiting this village are best recommended to make prior bookings and consultations about the status of the area considering the fact that the Westin desert is considered to be unsafe from time to time.

  1. Enjoy our of the museum’s of Egypt

One of the most fascinating things to do in Cairo the capital city of Egypt is observing the ancient tombs, temples and the amazing pyramids which are evidence of the ancient civilization that happened here. The museum in Cairo houses the largest collection the different artifacts that’s where recovered from the different ruins among which is the cursed gold found in the tomb of Tutankhamun; the real mummies plus approximately 165000 different pieces of artifacts. We recommend that you hire a guide during your visit to the museum to better enjoy your experience there. an adventure in Egypt’s museum will be worth every penny as there is no better museum across the entire world where you can see all this rich ancient history.

  1. Unearth the secrets of Amrnhotep Kingdom at Malkata Palace

The Malkata palace which is currently in ruins was previously a very powerful large palace that covered nearly the whole city space and it served as home to one of the most powerful ancient rulers of Egypt Amrnhotep III. With vigilant observation of this site which is currently in ruins you will be able to see and discover several stories of power and wealth of the Pharaohs of the ancient era. the site includes wide courtyards, harems, a wide ceremonial lake and audience Chambers . Some of the structures whose walls still stand to date display faintly visible paintings plus delicate carvings. This place is closely similar to the Taj Mahal of Egypt only that this is several times bigger in size and it’s at the moment in ruins.

  1. Go shopping for perfumes, leather and jewels in Islamic Cairo

Although this town has a number of beautiful mosques that will surely impress persons interested in art and history it in addition has the oldest shopping center in the whole world found on its Street. Taking a walking tour on the streets of Egypt you will be fascinated by the large number of stalls beautifully displaying a number of oriental jewelry, aromatic spices, leather bags and Egyptian itra. Your bargaining skills will surely come into play here as you try to negotiate for the best prices for every item.

  1. Dive beneath into the lost city of Heracleion

The Heracleion city has become one of the fascinating sites visited by holidaymakers that visit Egypt. Many of the ancient texts and inscriptions talk about this amazing City which for several years has been hidden from the rest of the world as it is submerged beneath the Sea. It was after several thousands of years of searching that it was found lying on the floor of the Abu Qir Bay found off the Egyptian coast.

  1. Enjoy a sunset camel ride in Giza

Giza is the third largest city in Egypt and it is best known for its mysterious pyramids making it one of the seven natural wonders in the world. So imagine yourself taking a Camel ride as you watch the beautiful African sun disappeared beyond the horizon of the Sahara Sand dunes and the towering pyramids at sunset. The camel rides are available for durations of 1 to 4 hours and will take you through the beautiful sandy terrain of this part of the country. The views of the Golden sun rays of the setting sun against the legendary pyramids have attracted very large number photographers from all parts of the continent. This is another romantic activity that’s going to be enjoyed by lovers visiting Egypt

  1. Enjoy a day tour in the rock temples of Abu Simbel

The Abu Simbel Temples are the most spectacular ancient structures in the entire world and are a must-see when you visit in Egypt. These two temples were constructed back in the 13th century BC and at the time they were dedicated to the Ramesses II and his wife Queen Nefertari. In the 1960s these temples were moved to a higher ground in order to protect them from the constant flooding that was happening in this place. They comprise of four huge statues of the Ramesses II which guard at the main entrance to this great temple will surely blow your mind. Once you get inside there are eight other Giants statues that represent the ancient pharaoh

  1. Visit the Royal jewelry museum in Alexandria to see that unique jewels

Alexandria is a very unique empire in Egypt. Previously this city was home to a number of great Greek philosophers who not only lived but also studied here; and there was a very huge library – the Alexandria library that had several books to study. After several years, the Romans also established a colony in this City. Although Alexandria’s library is no longer in existence, tourists can explore the jewelry museum which offers a beautiful display of a collection of Fatima Haider which is privately owned.

  1. Enjoy a river cruise on River Nile

Taking a cruise down the course of the great River Nile to see the sunset or sunrise is among the most refreshing yet relaxing things to enjoy on your holiday in Egypt. according to experts they said that the best way to enjoy sights of Egypt’s ancient cities of Aswan and Luxor is by taking a multiple day cruise on River Nile which will unveil before you a breathtaking perspective of the different attractions found in these cities and give you an opportunity to see them beaming and sparkling in the night. There are different cruising options you can take in Egypt such as that inexpensive felucca or the famous steamship of S.S Sudan or the more expensive cruises like The Oberoi Zahra.

  1. Go for a leisurely walk on corniche in Alexandria

One of the most fascinating things you can do as a holidaymaker in Egypt is to walk or ride along the well known Corniche which is a broad walkway that extends from the eastern harbor all the way to Montana Palaca.

This beautiful promenade covers a long stretch of 10 miles rewarding its guests with breathtaking views of the seemingly endless Mediterranean Sea. At nightfall the lights lining the coast is very breathtaking and the smell of the unique sea waters will certainly give you a unique Ambience. This is also a good place to enjoy a romantic stroll with your loved ones. a visit to this place is one of the amazing things you can do while in Egypt in the night

  1. Pay your respects to the pharaohs in the Karnak temples

The complex of the Karnak Temple is situated immediately north of Luxor City and it is one of the most spectacular places to visit in Egypt. Previously this Temple was a great place of religious importance for the early pharaohs who served during the 18th dynasty in Egypt. This was as well the main worship area for that long ago Egyptian Thebans. In the eyes of any ordinary traveler this might be seen as a beautiful monument however historians and archaeologists can understand its true prominence. I think that this explains well why a very large number of these people travel from all parts of the world to visit this site. As you explore this entire complex you will be able to see the different shrines and sanctuaries that where dedicated to the ancient Theban Triads. The temple of Amun-Ra is the largest among those found here.

  1. Explore the City of the Dead – Zawiyyet al-Mayyiteen

Zawiyyet al-Mayyiteen is among the largest cemeteries found in the whole world and it is hauntingly stunning. The cemetery extends for several kilometers and it is characterized by very many rows of white colored colonial domes. This serves as a burial ground for Muslims and Christians and it is situated outside of Minya city. For those interested in doing something different from the normal this place offers a great chance to capture some peculiar beautiful pictures at sunset or sunrise. There is also another set of pyramids found in this area which are the only ones that’s what were constructed along the Nile’s eastern river banks.

  1. Visit the oldest stone cut monument of Djoser Pyramid

Holidaymakers interested inane Jane and off the big 10 truck experience we recommend visiting the list discovered and isolated pyramid of Djoser found in Saqqara which will offer you a very mysterious experience. This is a perfect place for persons interested in seeing and learning about the pyramids and you will be able to enjoy a less crowded and chaotic visit as compared to other areas with pyramids in Egypt. The pyramid of Djoser is found immediately south of the capital Cairo within a smaller town known as a Saqqara. And it is believed to be the world’s oldest stone cut monument. it was constructed with the aid of a unique stepped technique of architecture  back in the early 27th century BC which pre-dated the pyramids of Giza that are smooth-sided.

  1. Take a hike to the peak of Mount Sinai

Mount Sinai is biblically well-known as the site where the God gave the biblical Moses the Ten Commandments. The hike to the top of the mountain offers a fairly easy challenge with breathtaking views over the southern ranges of the mountain. Its rough hills extend beyond the horizon making the hiking experience very amazing. In order to enjoy the best views here you are advised to reach the peak at sunset or sunrise. at the bottom of the mountain ranges are coming available for hire for those interested in taking a riding adventure

  1. Buy souvenirs at the Khan El khalili Bazaar

The Khan El khalili Bazaar has over the years specifically built its reputation as the numeral uno-seller of the exceptional culture and tradition of the Egyptian people presented in form of startling souvenirs, gift items as well as items that can be used to decorate at home. From its commencement back in the 14th century, this vibrant bazaar has been referred to as the most genuine souk. This bazaar covers several Streets that form and open alcove that sell different items ranging from beautiful handicraft jewelry made from silver to great spices; this is one of the best places to get a souvenir while in Cairo. You will see a number of holidaymakers bargaining with the stall keepers as they try to by different souvenir items. At the end of your shopping you can enjoy some Arabic coffee or mint tea at the cafe fishawi.


Frequently asked questions about Egypt

Below we have compiled some of the commonly asked questions by many holidaymakers visiting Eqgypt and we have professionally answered them to see that they satisfactorily leave no doubts in your mind before you finally make up your mind to reserve a holiday in this beautiful country.

Is Egypt safe to Visit?

Similar to many other tourist destinations, Egypt is generally considered as  safe destination with the local police, army and the tourism police well deployed everywhere to ensure that the people in the country are safe at all times. However you are advised to always move in the accompany of your guide and refrain from moving alone. Also women are advised to dress up decently as a way of showing respect to the culture of these mostly Islamic people. When visiting the places of worship, ladies should remember to cover their heads.

 Do I need a Visa to go to Egypt?

Yes, most of the people visiting this beautiful country are required to have a visa for their entry into Egypt. You can apply for your visa through the Egyptian consulate within your home country irrespective of which part of the country you are.

Citizens of the following countries however can purchase a visa valid for one month on arrival: United States, Ukraine, Australia, Cost Rica, Serbia, Canada, Russian Federation, United Kingdom, Venezuela, Republic of Korea, Norway, European Union, Macedonia, Argentina, Brazil, New Zealand, Chile, Japan, Peru, Georgia, Mexico, Ecuador as well as Colombia.

It is also important that your passport should be valid for a minimum of 6 months from the date of entry into Egypt.

What are the most famous things found in Egypt?

Egypt is best known internationally its spectacular monument that include: the pyramids of Giza, the temples of Luxor, Karnak Temples, The great Sphinx and the Abu Simbel

 Can Non-Muslims enter the Mosques in Egypt?

Yes, all mosques within the country can be visited by non-Muslims with the exception of the Sayeda Zeinab Mosque as well as El Hussein Mosque. None the less, you are best recommended to request for permissions before accessing any mosque and your tour guide will be able to point out the particular places that are not usually visited by tourists.

Can tourists visit churches plus monasteries in Egypt?

All the monasteries and churches within the country welcome visitors although during lent, some do not accept guests.

How should I dress while in Egypt?

visitors are allowed to wear whatever clothes they wish while in Egypt such as shorts, sundresses, tops, swimming suits, shorts, t-shirts and long trousers; however when you’re visiting the religious places or places of worship you have to cover your head and Ensure that your clothing are covering your body well. out of respect for the local people’s traditions and custom it is best recommended that you do not expose too much flesh

What do the Egyptian people drink?

Among the most favorite beverages consumed by the local people in Egypt are Arabica coffee, local beer, mint tea and wine

Is English spoken widely in Egypt?

Yes, Egypt is commonly used across most parts of the country especially within the urbanized cities such as the capital city Cairo, Aswan and Luxor. Your Safari guide together with most of the people you will get in contact with you say the hotel staff also speak English so communication will not be a challenge at all.

What vaccines do I need before entering Egypt?

Generally there are no particular mandatory vaccines that you will need to enter into Egypt, however you are best advised to get vaccinated against Typhoid fever and Hepatitis C. if possible you can also take the tetanus shot.

Any additional Health Concerns before visiting Egypt?

Well the primary health concerns that we would love to draw attention to any holidaymaker visiting Egypt are sunburns, gastrointestinal complaints as well as heatstroke. Avoid consuming tap water or consuming street food to avoid any gastrointestinal complications. We are aware that many tourists look forward to tasting street food however we recommend that if you wish to eat the local food, you do from big busy restaurants, and always eat hot food.

Is alcohol consumption allowed in Egypt?

Yes, you can actually bring in up to two (2) liters of alcohol however the legal age for drinking alcohol in the country is twenty one (21) years.

Best time to visit Egypt

Egypt is among the most fascinating destinations to visit in Africa thanks to its uniqueness and the number of unexplained natural wonders found there. Because the terrain is mainly desert choosing the best time to visit this country can be quite challenging. In case you’re interested to visit this country the best time to visit will greatly depend on what activities you plan to engage in. below we have brought you a summary of the different seasons in Egypt.

March to May (spring time)

During this time Egypt is experiencing its spring time and this is one of the most popular time to visit the country. It is generally hot and unpleasant, making it a good time to visit the country. For those interested in diving on the red Sea as well as enjoying the beautiful beaches and soaking in the Egyptian sun we recommend that you visit between April and May.

The khamsin wind which is a small yet hot sea breeze sweeps through Egypt from the month of April all through to May. The Sham Al Nessim which is a Coptic festival that celebrates the start of spring is usually commemorated in the month of April and according to the Coptic calendar it happens each year on Easter day with several people enjoying picnics within the national parks and near the beautiful banks of the River Nile. This event is celebrated across the country.

June to August (summer season)

This is the summer season in Egypt with temperatures hitting and average of 95 degrees with high levels humidity.  For holidaymakers who can withstand the heat this is also a good time to visit the country despite the fact that many tourists tend to avoid it. In reality think about hiking up into the tombs with high temperatures reaching above 90 degrees; it surely can be quite a draining experience.

But remember the southern part of Egypt where majority of the best tourist attractions are found is actually warmer so we recommend that if you are visiting during this time you book a hotel with good air conditioning and preferably with a swimming pool to better your holiday experience. The areas around the red Sea experience an average temperature of 84 degrees during this time of the year.

During this time the Muslim community is undergoing its Ramadan (the official fasting period). Tourists are not obliged to fast however most of the businesses shut down for most hours in the day with restaurants and cafes operating after sun set. At the end of the fasting, The Muslims do celebrate Eid Al fitri which is the feast of sacrifice indeed Samantha most important events celebrated with weed in Egypt the class for full complete days

 September to October

Similar to springtime this time of the year most of the country is experiencing cooler temperatures and although it is warm and the sea breeze that sweep through most of the country makes the conditions more favorable. The areas around the Mediterranean Sea are still warm and the beaches are less crowded making it a good time to enjoy the coastal beaches of Egypt.

In September an ancient festival that is dedicated to River Nile known as the wafaa Al Nil is celebrated. These celebrations include poetry reading, scientific discussions on pollution and general health situation, art competitions as well as concerts.

November through February (peak winter season)

During this time of the year Egypt is experiencing its peak winter season. At least the weather is cooler and many tourists visit the country to explore the different ancient sites, crowding the hotels and putting a high demand on accommodation facilities which in return increases the overall cost of accommodation for tourists across the country. Soon Christmas and New year’s celebrations kick in and many hotels raise their prices just as it is with cruises and it is best recommended that if you’re visiting Egypt in this time of the year you make your reservation’s a couple of months earlier to avoid any disappointments. The winter season in Egypt means several festivals such as the Coptic Christmas which is celebrated on the 7th of January each year during which worshipers gather to have mass and enjoy and have a feast together at midnight. another festival is the Abu simbel festival that is carried out on the 22nd of February each year during which the eponymous temple is celebrated. As a travel tip for those visiting during this time of the year we recommend that you wear long sleeved shirts, long pants and a sweater to layer up since the evenings are extremely cold.

In summary: to some people Egypt may not appear to be an all year around tourist destination however it is it is important to not especially when visiting Egypt that’s in Ramadan season a number of businesses don’t work through the day since people are fasting. The Muslim calendar keeps changing every now and then so always inquire with your ground tour handler so that you get to know when the fasting period will begin.

What should women pack on their safari in Egypt?


Pants shirts and leggings

When it comes to what choices to wear at the bottom, the most important thing is to have something that covers up to your knees then you will be good to go. Irrespective of what choice you make it’s important that you are comfortable as the local women normally wear skirts or long pants .maybe the one thing you should consider is looking at how tight your pants are. In most of Europe the women usually wear a very tight fitting pants or skinny jeans and leggings, during your visiting in Egypt however you could reconsider wearing such clothes and opt for something that it is a bit loose fitting.

you can choose to opt for a tunic-style longer top worn over you pair of skinny jeans; is also very appropriate and such a fashion is in fact very common among the younger women in the larger cities like Cairo. It is also important to keep in mind that Egypt is generally hot therefore jeans may not be appropriate; you would rather consider cotton pants that are lightweight and wide leg Linen. Such clothing will help you keep cool and it’s very comfortable in the hot weather.

Shirts and dresses

Well for most people going on holiday skirts and dresses are a favorite item because they are not only comfortable but also stylish. Some of the considerations you should keep in mind however is that the longer and the loser your skirt and dress are, the better.

Tight and short skirts or dresses may not be the perfect choice when visiting Egypt however you could opt for the floral stylish clothing that cover up to your knees. For those that can do maxi dresses or skirts that is the best option. In case your dress or skirt is above the knees then you can put a pair of leggings and you will surely look very stylish, respectful and above all remember the most important thing is not to show off or expose a lot of flesh. Nevertheless also you should remain comfortable with your choice of clothing that you take on your safari in Egypt

While visiting the seaside or in the desert keep in mind that it becomes very windy at times so possibilities of the breeze blowing up your dress are very likely, therefore in case you are wearing a somewhat short or free-style round dress it’s better that you get a pair of leggings.

In case your dresses do not cover the shoulders or they show the cleavage it is recommended that you throw on a scarf over your neck or shoulder to remain appropriately dressed.


When it comes to footwear it’s better to be more practical than getting something that is stylish. High-heeled shoes for instance will not work well especially in the desert areas that are covered with sand. Majority of the tours conducted in Egypt require walking for several hours, therefore flat comfortable shoes that offer good support and proper stability are the most recommended. Sandals and flip-flops will also be very useful while moving around at your hotel or on the beach, however when going out for your guided walks or tours these are not a good choice because the sand is very hot and these may not be able to protect your feet compared to closed shoes.

Head wear

Mainly female tourist visiting Egypt are always bothered with the question of whether it’s mandatory to cover their heads or not, whether they should wear a hijab or not?

Well when you visit this beautiful country you will see that nearly all the women are dressed in the traditional hijabs and some have their faces covered completely except for their eyes. as a tourist you are not required or mandated to wear something over your hair or head, and no one will under look you or judge you if you don’t. However when visiting places of worship, you will be required to cover your hair with a scarf as a way of showing respect.


When choosing the kind of tops to wear during your safari in Egypt, there are two main important factors that you should put into consideration and these are: ensure that they do not show cleavage and secondly they should be able to cover your shoulders. Low cut tops and sleeveless tops are not recommended


This is an item that comes in handy for any one going on a safari irrespective of which part of the continent you are visiting. In Egypt you can wear your scarf around the neck to cover the lower area of your neckline and also you may choose to use it as a shawl over your shoulders not only to cover up your exposed areas but also to layer up especially during the cold evenings. ensure that the scarf is lightweight  for easy packing and carrying.

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