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Touring Egypt means that you have to discover its long history dating back 3500BC. Fromm your ancient Egypt tours are the Egyptian pyramids and discoveries of the pharaoh’s that ruled the land, religions, Egypt’s path to civilization and so much more

Egyptian Pyramids


Great pyramids of Giza

in Cairo are the most visited pyramids on Ancient

Cairo City  Tours

. They are just 10km from the city centre on the Giza Plateau. The most famous structure here is the Cheops Pyramid that stands at 137m high. Close by are the pyramids of Kephren and Menkaure. On the way to the valley of Temples is the

Great Sphinx

standing at 70m long and 20m high. The sphinx and the Giza pyramids are the popular Egypt tour destination.

Other pyramids in Egypt are found in Saqqara-Djoser’s Step Pyramids, the Dashur pyramids, the Pyramids if Abu Sir and Maidum

The Temples of Egypt

There are several temples in Egypt which were ancient sites of different gods like Amun, Chanos and Mut. The temple of Luxor is a fascinating site in Luxor that attracts hundreds of visitors every year. It was built by Amenphis III and is 260m long. Within the temple are 18m tall colonanades, the courtyard of Ramses II with 16 statues of the Pharaoh and on the eastern side is the Abu Haggag Mosque.

You’ll also find historical temples of Karnak in Luxor Egypt, the temple if Hatshepsut in Deir El Bashir and other temples of Abu Simbel, Edfu, Dendera, Kom Ombo, Khum, Philae and many others spread out in Egypt.

Alexandria is not only a sea port but also another place to enjoy on your ancient Egypt tours. There are several sights like the Roman theatre, the Montaza place and many other intersting museum that will tell the famous Alexandria tale of Cleopatra the infamous Queen from the Nile and Marc Anthony.


valley of Kings in Luxor

is another of Ancient Egypt’s pride together with the valley of Queen and tombs of the Nobles in Luxor City.

The ancient capital of


also stands out as a traditional site that defines ancient Egypt and civilization. Memphis was an administrative and political capital near Saqqara for a city that is believed to have covered more than 19 miles. The museum in Memphis keeps the old statues of Ramses II and other important items from his reign.

Aswan city and the River Nile

If you are talking about ancient Egypt and civilization,

Aswan city, River Nile

and its banks is the cradle of early civilization. Early Egyptians settled along the banks of River Nile evolving through different stages of life as Hunters first, then gatherers and finally as farmers thanks to the fertile soils. These Egyptians then developed the written language, religion, and institutions that made it the world’s first organized society.

You can take a Luxury evening cruise on the Nile and enjoy sights of Aswan city on the eastern bank. Other attractions in Aswan include the Temple of Kom Ombo, Temple of Philae and Khnum, Abu Simbel temples and Aswan High dam among other interesting places.

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