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Egypt tours are often accompanied by a wide range of hotel and accommodation packages ranging from

luxury 5 star hotels

and accommodation, 4 star hotels and budget accommodation like apartment, guest houses and safari lodges. Egypt is an interesting country filled with modern and ancient history embedded in its buildings, forts and different tourist attractions. With a great selection of 

Egypt hotels

in almost every city, you’ll need to do your homework online or consult an

Egypt tour and travel operator

to assist you zero on a particular option that ranges in your taste and budget.


, the capital city has a number of options to offer overnights on very street that you pass by. Comfort and elegance is almost everywhere and if you aren’t sure, you’ll be spoiled with choice. There are several tourist points in Cairo like the pyramids of Giza, Sphinx pyramids, Sakkara and Memphis, the Cairo Egyptian museum, the Citadel of Salah El Din, Ahmad Ibn Tulun mosque, the Pharaonic village, the magnificent El Gizera Tower and other beautiful architectural buildings that can be seen from the comfort of your hotel room balcony.

Cairo Egypt Hotels

If you want to stay in Cairo, the main town, there’s an extensive alternative of Cairo, resorts. Should you need comfort accommodations in Cairo, you can find many 5 star resorts within the city. For getting a real treat, you could make reservations at the Ramses in Cairo. If you want to watch your spending budget, you’ll find

cheap Egypt hotels

and accommodation near the renowned Khan Al Khalili market such as inns and guesthouse, Abdin Palace near the presidential palace offers cheaper overnight options too.

Accommodation options in Cairo include luxury five star hotels like Cataract Pyramids hotel , El Gezirah hotel, Sheraton Cairo hotel, Hilton Pyramids golf hotel , Royal Garden hotels and others, all located near the city centre. Cheaper but also elegant hotel options include hotels in Zamalek  like Om Kolthoom hotel, delta pyramids hotel in Giza, Iberotel Cairo and Casino airport hotel among others.

Luxor Egypt hotels

Luxor is one of the towns with undeniably a great range of tourist centres lying on the northern tip of River Nile. Take a cruise along the Nile through the town of Alexandria and you’ll see beauty lying beyond the eastern desert plateau. The modern town occupies part of the area of the ancient Egyptian town of Thebes which covered in several temples of Karnak.

You’ll find luxury five star

Egypt hotels in Luxor

like Hilton Luxor Hotel, Sheraton Luxor Resort situated on the Nile River’s east bank, approximately seven miles from Luxor International Airport, the ancient Winter Palace Hotel located on the river Nile banks and Cheaper hotels such as the Gaddis Hotel, Emilio hotel, Royal House Hotel, Swiss Inn Luxor hotel and others.

Hotels in Hurghada Egypt Yet another well-known vacation spot could be the Red Sea. Resort hotels, beach hotel and other remarkable option are in plenty. Enjoy the beauty and the fresh breeze of the sea from Naama Bay and Soma Bay that are popular with holidaymakers. In Naama Bay you could stay in Egypt motels in Sharma El-Sheikh.  If you are a diver, you could keep at a Marsa Alam Egypt hotel, as diving is superb on this place. Beach accommodations to the Red Sea are quite a few. Chances are you’ll check in at Taba hotels, another beach resort area. Find the best hotels online and through article reviews and tour and travel operators.

Yet another remarkable vacation spot could be the Sinai Peninsula involving the Mediterranean Sea and also the Gulf of Suez. You may wish to keep in one of the Port Said Egypt Hotels. Sinai has grown to be a key holiday destination. Other spots you might want to check out include Lake Karoun and keep at an Al Fayyum Agoda resort. You are going to also need to take a trip to Aswan to visit the temples of Ramses II and his wife Nefertiti. The following you are able to stay in the Abu Simbel accommodations of Egypt.