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is more like escaping on a time machine thousands and millions of years to an ancient world of stone pyramids, deserts, ancient cities, early civilization process and true Mediterranean beauty. Every tourist or traveller would at one time like to discover Egypt on a tour;

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are available online with all

Egypt travel

destinations, flights, accommodation and hotels. You need not rob a bank to find way to Egypt. Cheap travel and tour packages are offered and ready for you travel expeditions in Egypt.

Egypt travel destinations

You’ll be able to decide on whether visit middle Egypt or Upper Egypt – or both – on your Egypt holiday tours.

Cairo Egypt tours

should top your list of Egypt travel gateways, Luxor Templestop by the Great Pyramids and Sphinx of Giza where it all begins. The capital city dates thousands of year back and is home to early civilization as seen in the treasure of Tutankhamun in the Cairo Egypt museum, citadels and mosques.


is another interesting and unique cities across the world with spectacular ancient sites of Thebes, Egypt’s prime attractions, monuments of Luxor, Karnak, Ramses III, old Karnak temples and also visit the valley of Kings from the west bank. Other interesting city tours will include trips to Aswan, Hurgahda and Alexandria.

Desert safaris in Egypt

are a tour of the untamed mystery of high golden sand dunes, beautiful oases and endless expanse of sahara sand. You’ll find sculptured rocks in the middle of the desert, flocks of birds visiting the palm oases from El Fayoum, Kharga, Siwa and Bahariya. The setting sun turns the desert sand golden for the evening bring delight to your camel safaris in the Sahara dunes. You really need to see Kom Ombo as well as the western desert once you are on Holiday in Egypt. Guide books and private guides are readily available so that you simply really don’t miss any of the country’s great elegance, long heritage, and rich culture.

At the coast, you’ll savor different water sport like diving, surfing, high speed boating and fishing on the Mediterranean and red sea. Several golf courses and country clubs overlook the beautiful sea. Sharks bay near

Sharm El Sheikh

gives you a bit of ancient Christian history in its outstanding monuments. Egypt cruise trips and luxurious Egypt travel will also be offered for folks who have a small more to spend. Board the Nile cruises for one week or two of unequalled luxury and tours of the longest river in Africa, River Nile that drains in the Mediterranean Sea.

Be part of the few tourists that visit the protected wildlife parks in Egypt. Some of Egypt’s national parks include Zaranik, lake Qarun, Wadi El Rayan, Sannur Cave, El Hassana Dome, Nile islands and many others. Birding is excellent and rewarding for many of the protected areas. Diving is splendid from the marine park of Lake in Fayoun (lake Qarun) province with fossil fauna, beautiful coral gardens and unique fishes.

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Intercontinental arrivals and

Egypt flights

are handled at different international airports in Egypt of Alexandria, Cairo, Luxor, Hurghada and Sharm El Sheikh. There are daily flights from Europe, Africa and other cities around are available with renowned international airways. Domestic flights are readily offered with Egypt Air and other regional fliers. Travel by road using train or private/ hired vehicles within Egypt. Alexandria is the major harbor and port for intercontinental cruises and incoming sea traffic. Valid passport is a necessary requirement for Egypt tours and entry visa can be obtained from Egypt missions and embassies from your country or from airports upon arrival.

The days are warm every day of the year while nights are chilly especially in the desert up to 7ºC. Mild rains come in November to April and hot summers from May to October. Egypt receives fewer rains so you don’t have to worry about bad weather conditions except for sand storms in the deserts around April.

You’ll find all kind of

Egypt hotels and accommodation

from all major towns and cities ranging from luxury five star Egypt hotels, mid-range hotels, guesthouses, inns, motels and beach resorts. Examples of luxury Egypt hotels include Movenpick Luxor hotel, le meridian Luxor hotel, Sheraton Luxor resort, Nile Hilton Cairo hotel, intercontinental pyramids Cairo hotel, Pyramids Isis Island Aswan resort, grand pyramids Cairo hotel, Hilton shark bay hotel- Sharm El Sheikh and many others. Budget

Egypt holiday

accommodation in also available from villas, street guesthouses and self catering apartments.

Buy yourself some souvenir gifts and crafts from street markets in Cairo or any other town market/ shop and add to your memoir collections of

Egypt travels

. Arrange you Egypt tours through a travel and tour guide to customize your holidays and book accommodation that ranges within your budget spending.

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