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Egypt again comes first into the world of Ancient wonders and tours. The Great pyramids of Giza also known as the pyramids of Khufu or the pyramids of Cheops. The Giza pyramids are acknowledged as the world’s oldest of the Seven Natural wonders of the World.

The pyramids were built as a tomb of the Egyptian Pharoah Khufu in 2560BC by the over 1000 slaves during his reign as pharaoh over Egypt. The great pyramid was the tallest man-made structure in the world until the upcoming of modern skyscrapers. To the base of the great pyramid were four smaller pyramids but only three still stand today known to be built for the wives of Khufu.

The Giza pyramids are in a series of 3 pyramids each with mortuary temple with a passage into the valet of Kings near Nile. Originally, the pyramids were to be set at 481 ft high using limestone and stone casing.

The great pyramid lies with three great chambers-the Queen’s chamber and Kings Chamber and the lower chamber. The ascending and descending paths were built to help the fallen kings travel to the valley of Kings below.


great Sphinx of Giza

, also called the Sphinx is a statue of a Human head on a lion’s body. As one of the oldest monuments in the world, the Sphinx is a sight you can not miss on your Ancient Egypt Tours. The Sphinx stands against the Great Pyramids of Khufu

Today Egyptian tourists enter the Great Pyramid via the Robbers’ Tunnel dug by workmen employed by Caliph al-Ma’mun around AD 820. The tunnel is cut straight through the masonry of the pyramid for approximately 27 metres (89 ft), then turns sharply left to encounter the blocking stones in the Ascending Passage.

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