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Abijata-Shalla Lakes National Park Ethiopia

This Ethiopia Wildlife Park is formed in between the lakes of Abijata-Shalla Lakes. Formed by the Great Rift Valley activity, these lakes are a significant sight in Abijata-Shalla National Park. In total, the park coves some 800sq m of which half is under water.

Wildlife in Abijata-Shalla

More than 70 different animals are found in this famous Ethiopian safari park with regular sights like Goldn jackals, oribi, warthog, sild ass, grant’s gazelles, lions, giraffes, zebras, zebras and the rare Walia Ibex. Ut is an abundant park for safari game drives and game hunting!

Major sights in the park are the water birds that toss across the lakes. Some of the birds include the Great

White Pelicans

, Greater and

Lesser Flamingos

. Other birds in the park include White-necked Cormorant, Egyptian Geese, African Fish Eagle, a diverse range of Plover species as well as Herons.

Abyata Lake

Lake Abyata is a shallow pan lake probably 46 feet deep although its water level  fluctuate according to the seasons. The shore is dangerous and not advisable for tours and walks as the lake is saline and sinking is likely. However the Greater white Pelican visit it often since it has algae and food for these birds.

Lake Shala

Lake Shala is at 260 meters some 853 ft deep actually the deepest rift valley lake in Ethiopia and in North Africa. The small islands in the lake are breeding sites by many birds, and are home to the biggest colony of Great White Pelicans in Africa since the water is highly salty and kind of soapy.