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Bena Ethiopia

Bena, as well as Benna are additional spellings for these Bena people.  These people are neighbors to the Hamer tribe and its thought that the Bena in fact descends from them several centuries ago.  The two markets within Key Afer plus Jinka are frequently visited by these people.

Similar to most of the local tribes within the lower Omo Valley, these Bena practice routine dancing plus singing.  Their men frequently have their hair adorned with a multi-colored clay cap which is embellished with feathers.   The men and also the women put on long garments in addition to painting their bodies with a white chalk.  The Women wear beads within their hair which is held together using butter.

The Bena appear very much like the Hamer and they are referred to as the Hamer-Bena.  Frequent rituals plus traditions of the other tribes are also shared by these Bena. Their boys take part in bull jumping.  As soon as it is time for a boy to turn into a man, he has to jump over several bulls naked without having to fall down.  In case he is capable of completing the task, he is then confirmed to be man can even marry.