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Cycling Tours in Ethiopia

There is no better way to experience what a country has to offer other than by going to the different places that a car cannot get to and that can only be one by using a to wheel in form of a bicycle. Cycling through Ethiopia can be done in different parts of the country and the cycling tours can be arranged in any part of the country but the best time to carry out cycling should at least be in the dry season because there is no way you can ride through the heavy rains that Ethiopia experiences. And as you head out for cycling in the different parts of the country you will need a trained tour guide who will make sure that you get to your destination with ease and help with servicing the bicycles.

We help with arranging all the things that you will need from the needed equipment, accommodation and a map to the destinations below.

Cycling around the Tana Lake

The Lake Tana region is a big one where cycling can be done right from the shores of the Lake into the depths of the region where the Lake Tana monasteries are found. There are no clear marked routs for cycling in Tana but you will find many of them that you can try to use and although it might not be the best of travels you get to see the Lake Tana and the monasteries from a different point of view and get a close look at the monasteries. Below is how the cycling will be carried out in the region of Tana:

The cycling will take you from the shores of the Lake Tana where you will see different bird species, animals both aqua and land before resting at the shores of the Lake. And from the Lake shores you will cycle from the Dega Estefanos where you will have a chance to see five of the mummified emperors of Ethiopia, watch the painting of the Madonna with the guidance of the many monks that are found in the monastery before continuing to the Tekla Haimanot monastery where you will also get to see some good stuff placed in the monasteries.

You can then join the Azuwa Maryam monastery, the Kebran Gabriel monastery, the Tana Cherkos monastery, the Ura Kidane Meret and the Bete Selassie as you cycle through the Tana monasteries.  Note that you cannot cycle through all these in one day but you can take your time as you cycle through slowly as you take your time and visit the different monasteries and get to know more about them and what they really stand for.

After visiting the monasteries you can cycle your way through the villages and get to know more about the locals who live in the area and you might also get a chance to go fishing on the Lake.

Cycling through the Simiens National Park

Cycling through the Simiens is another adventure of its own as there are many tracks that you can use when it comes to cycling. The beauty about cycling in the Simiens national Park is that you get to join both the treks in the National Park and the treks leading to the Mountain Simiens.

The cycling trails in the Simiens is mostly steep although you will find some descents which will be a very good exercise for all those that take part in it but besides the exercise you get to see the Mountain up close, the different animals in the park and get a close feel of the locals in the area.  If you want to enjoy your cycling in the Simiens region, you will need to do it either in the morning because the afternoons come with a lot of sun and dust and make the ground a bit hard for one to ride through.

Cycling tour around the Blue Nile River and waterfall

The Blue Nile River has one of the best cycling routes that you will ever see in Ethiopia. You will have to first go the start of the cycle route with a car before getting all your bikes out for a ride. The roads here are mainly dusty but they will provide you with the best scenery that is provided by the large landscapes that you will bypass while cycling, the forests, the animals especially monkeys that can be seen moving up and down in the trees, meet the locals and get to interact with them amicably and also there is a route that leads to the famous Blue water falls where you can rest after a long day cycling. You also get to enjoy a coffee or two with the locals and get to enjoy a picnic of the local Ethiopian food before heading back to the hotel to prepare for cycling in the next cycling destination.




Cycling to the Axum city

The Axum city is an old city that was built mostly for the royals of Ethiopia. Many Emperors that have rule Ethiopia are believed to have originated from the Axum city and not forgetting Queen Sheba whose palace still stands in the city. There are several things and places that you get to visit while cycling through the Axum city and some of these include the Queen Sheba place, the Queen Sheba bath, the Ark of the covenant church where the ark is kept till date and it is said that Menelik I who is the son of Queen Sheba and king Solomon went to visit his father and came back with it.  You also get to see the twin tombs of king Kaleb and Meskel, a few museums where many antics are kept and not forgetting the locals who are always more welcoming. You will have a tour guide who will show you the best cycling routes to use while in the Axum city and they will also help out with the translations because most people here do not speak or understand English.

Cycling tour through Gondar city

Gondar city was formed after the Emperor who was chased down by a raging buffalo stopped at the pool in Gondar and a seer told him that this was the best place where he should build his palace and that is how the city came about. The cycling routes through the Gondar city will leave you with good memories of your trip where you get to see the various tourist attractions as you zoom past them and maybe also get a chance to explore them for example you can cycle your way past the Simiens Mountains and National Park which are located on the route that leads to the Gondar city, explore the Woleka village where you get to meet the different locals and learn more about their culture by interacting with them and buying some souvenirs from their shops, explore the old churches that are found in the area especially the Debre Birhan Selassie church, cycle past the Mentewab’s castle and visit the Fasilides Bath where the emperor Fasilides first rested and enjoy the beautiful scenery that the city has to provide.

Cycling through the Lalibela region

The Lalibela region is also known for the eleven rock hewn churches that are found in the area and instead of visiting these with a van, it is better to explore Lalibela while cycling. You can still rest when you get tired and we provide a van along the way so that all those who get tired can easily rest. You will see a lot of churches that were built out of rock many centuries ago and admire their unique architecture and all the beautiful antics that are kept in the churches. And as you cycle through the Lalibela you will be able to meet the locals, get to taste their good local food and also enjoy the rocky scenery that the churches give off even form a distance although you have to be careful with the trails as some of them are hard to ride through.

Cycling through the Adwa Mountain

The Adwa Mountain are located in the Axumite region and it is one of the most visited mountains in the country. There are trail routes that have been marked that you can use while cycling and these can be found at the foot note of the mountain. On your cycling expedition you here you get to see various animals that live around the Mountain, different bird species and meet the locals. You can rest from the many restaurants that are nearby as you get a taste of the local food.

Cycling in Ethiopia is a new venture and you get to cycle for all the kilometers that you want for as long as they are in the restricted areas of cycling. All you need on this journey are the cycling gears that include bicycles, kneecaps, helmets and lots of water before you head out to the different cycling destinations.