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Dassanech Tribe Ethiopia

Also called the Galeb or te Geleb, this tribe stays immediately north of Lake Turkana found in Kenya.  Their bordering tribe is the Turkana people.  Generally the Daasanech are cattle herders – pastoralists, however because of the tough territory, they’ve moved south to cultivate crops plus fish.  the tribesmen use the Cattle for their meat plus milk as well as skin for clothing.  Frequently their cattle die as a result of disease plus drought.  Given that they live in an unfriendly environment these Daasanech people are actually the poorest tribe within the Omo Valley.

Since the Daasanech people originate from various ethnic groups, women and men alike should consent to be circumcised.  Presently there are 8 clans that comprise the Daasanech tribe, each and every featuring its own name among which are: Ri’ele, Elele, Randal, Inkabelo, Oro, Inkoria, Naritch plus the Koro.  Every clan is described by its location and the wealthiest of all being the Inkabelo.
On a ceremony, the men dance with huge sticks while the women hold wooden-batoons.  A Daasanech man will bless the fertility of his daughter as well as her future marriage through celebrating the “Dimi”.  Throughout the Dimi Ten to Thirty cattle are killed.  The men plus women put on fur capes as they feast and also dance.  The Dimi ceremony probably will occur in the dry months.