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In Ethiopia a heaven for Ornithology are approximately 835 birds species of  recognized to exist in Ethiopia, Twenty three are found specifically inside the boundaries of the country . The majority of these Twenty three endemic birds are broadly distributed, mainly on the southern as well as western highland plateau. Most of the semi-endemic birds of Ethiopia- such as White Collared Pigeon, Thick-Billed Raven, Wattled Ibis and the Black Winged Love bird – are particularly common over wide-ranging regions of the plateau, and, since they’re big easily identified and even not shy, they’re for that reason very visible.

Even within the highland forests that support relatively few endemic birds species, the endemics are even so noticeable and widespread. The song of “one- the Abyssinian cat bird” – is regarded as among the most gorgeous of all bird within Africa, 3 Ethiopian Endemics are restricted to the southern fringe of Ethiopian plateau: these are the Prince Ruspoli’s Turaco, Streetman’s Bush-Crow and  The white Tailed Swallow .

An additional endemic bird in Ethiopia is The Blue- Winged Goose, is an extremely isolated species: their closest relative is the Goose that is found in South America. It’s astonishing that the biology of noticeable and widespread endemic birds in Ethiopia remains insufficiently known, Scientist, provide a multitude of fascinating problems of investigation; regarding the tourist, they offer a very pleasurable chance of seeing new and unique things: regarding the bird watchers, they provide the experience of watching Twenty three birds found in no other place else on the planet.