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Ethiopia Flights

With Ethiopia holidays or tours, you have a

Land of Timeless Appeal

that was established with several years as seen from Biblical literature. Although it is found from the political disturbed area from the Horn of Africa, Ethiopia is easy to reach by air

Flights to Ethiopia

Ethiopia has several major and regional airports that make it easy to tour Ethiopia where on one day tour or a holiday to Ethiopia. Addis-Ababa

Bole International Airport

(ADD) is actually the busiest Ethiopian airport handling one-stop flights to African destinations and others to airports in Asia, Europe, Middle East and America.

Ethiopian Airlines

is the proud carrier in Ethiopia with world class air travel for passengers and cargo. It flies to all leading airports, with Tickets to and from Addis Ababa to the world such as London Heathrow, Paris, Amsterdam, Johannesburg, Nairobi Kenya, Los-Angeles, New York, Washington, Hangzhou China and other destination…mention only a few. Ethiopian Airlines has an excellent domestic flights schedule reaching the historic towns of Axum, Gondar, Lalibela, Bahr Dar and other towns using

Asky Airlines

an Affliate charter air craft with Ethiopian Airlines.

Domestic airports in Ethiopia

  • Abra Minch (AMH)
  • Assosa ASO
  • Awasa AWA
  • Axum AXU
  • Baco/Jinka BCO
  • Beica BEI
  • Bulchi BCY
  • Bahr Dar BJR
  • Debre Marqos DBM
  • Debre Tabor DBT
  • Debre Zeyit QHR
  • Dire Dawa DIR
  • Dembidolo DEM
  • Dessie/Kombolcha DSE
  • Fincha FNH
  • Gambella GMB
  • Ghinnir GNN
  • Goba GOB
  • Gondar GDQ
  • Gode GDE
  • Gore GOR
  • Humera HUE
  • Jijiga JIJ
  • Jimma JIM
  • Kabri Dar ABK
  • Kelafo LFO
  • Lalibela LLI
  • Mekele MQX
  • Mekane Salaam MKS
  • Metema ETE
  • Mendi NDM
  • Massolo MZX
  • Shire SHC
  • Shilavo HIL

There are direct flights to Ethiopia from Tambo International Airport-Jo’burg South Africa (South Africa Airways), Nairobi Kenya with Kenya Airways. Other international flights and airlines to Ethiopia include Addis Express, Yemenia Airways, Qatar Airways, Air Tahiti Nui, Somet Airlines, Abyssnia Flight Service, Express International travels, Trans Nation Airways, Emirates, Sudan Airways, Dallo Airlines, Djibouti Airlines, KLM, SN Brussels, Egypt Air, Turkish airlines, British airways, Lufthanasa and many others.

What to visit

Ethiopia has more than 5 wildlife national parks to visit:

Simien National Park

listed on the world heritage list,

Abyata- Shalla Lakes National Park

for the pink flamingos and other birds,

Blue Nile falls

in Bahr Dar, mountains, different rift valley lakes, the ruins of the ancient cities like Axum, Gondar and the warm people you will meet will make you want to visit Ethiopia on another African safari holiday.

You can visit Ethiopia any time of the year but the best time to arrive on

Ethiopia safaris

is October to January for the dry season. the rains come mid June to September accompanied with cool temperatures…so you know when its best to get

Ethiopian holidays!