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Harar Ethiopia

Found in the eastern section of the country, the Harar is similar to no other area in Ethiopia.  This walled-city dates way back to the Seventh century and was an important commercial crossroads within the area and a facility for Islamic scholarship.  This wall, locally referred to as Jugol, was constructed as a defensive measure against intruders between the Thirteenth and Sixteenth centuries.

This wall squeezes over 100 mosques as well as Islamic shrines within its small 1 sq km area.  On top of that, this city bustles having colorful markets providing a number of wares.  This city was previously home to Arthur Rimbaud a well-known French poet.

The most thrilling attraction is the nighttime feeding of the resident hyenas.  The hyena-men, just as they are referred to as, call the hyenas and provide meat stuck on a stick, usually feeding them straight through their mouths.  Tourists are asked to give it a try!

Harar is actually listed among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites since 2006.