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Ethiopia Hotels, Accommodation, Lodges And Where To Stay

Hotels in Ethiopia

are renowned for their good hospitality and wonderful services. Ethiopia is endowed with a vast diversity of wildlife. Furthermore, it receives plenty of sunshine all year hence the common tourism slogan “Ethiopia; thirteen months of sunshine.” Several tourisms visit the country annually hence the tourism industry is doing very well.

Tourists are always spoilt with variety when they visit Ethiopia.  The country has numerous nice man-made plus immaculate attractions that you can sight see all through the day. There are numerous hotels in which you can reside and relax through the evening. You can move around through the evening pleasuring in the scenic attractions and later return to your hotel to enjoy a refreshing night.

Where To Stay In Ethiopia Hotels

You can acquire a vast range  of  hotels or guest houses that can suit all


that is the luxurious and expensive ones or the comfortable low budget ones. The quality of

services and accommodation

will slightly defer basing on the price. However all hotels in Ethiopia are very comfortable to reside in.

Accommodation facilities in Ethiopia

Ethiopia as a country has a lot to offer to tourists and that is why there are several accommodation facilities that are built in the different tourist destinations that fit in people’s wants. The accommodation is divided into three that is the budget accommodation, the mid-range and luxury hotels and it is up to you to choose what fits in your budget. We are going to look at some of the most commonly used accommodation facilities in the different parts of Ethiopia. Some of the accommodation facilities include:

Accommodation facilities in Awash

  • The Hotel Genet

This is a budget accommodation facility and it is located just one hour away from the Awash National Park. They have self-contained rooms with free WIFI and they also offer breakfast, lunch and supper in their in house restaurant.

  • The Awash falls lodge

The Awash falls lodge was constructed in form of huts which are locally known as tukuls. It is a semi luxury accommodation and these local tukuls are self-contained, they offer both local and international meals and they offer tourists a great view of the Awash Falls and Gorge.

Accommodation facilities in Adama and Addis Ababa city

  • The Louvre Grand Hotel

This is a mid-range hotel which is located in a quiet environment and offers maximum privacy to all who use it. They have comfortable self-contained rooms which are all designed uniquely and they also offer good quality meals which are both local and international and no forgetting their famous bistro which is one of a kind.

  • The Hilton Hotel

The Hilton Hotel is a semi luxury hotel and it offers you the perfect get away from the busy city center life. They have perfectly comfortable self-contained rooms which offer privacy to tourists, have excellent room service, offer nice meals especially their local cuisines and you get to also relax around the spa and private swimming pool that is found in the area.

  • The Safari lodge

The safari lodge is located in Adama about 9 kilometers away from Addis Ababa and it offers the privacy that one needs from the busy life of the city. They have a swimming pool where you can relax, an oasis, gardens that offer you the quiet that you need, delicious meals and they have 17 duplex self-contained rooms which are extremely comfortable and decorated to suit everyone’s tastes.

  • The caravan Hotel

The caravan hotel is a mid-range accommodation facility and is located next to the National museum. They have the best rooms which are self-contained and offer privacy to the tourists and it is the perfect place to sleep in when you get to the capital city Addis Ababa. They also have good meals which include local cuisines and those that are served on the African continent.

  • The Arequ guest house

The Arequ guest house is a mid-range accommodation facility and it is located in the city center of Addis Ababa and it is just a few minutes away from the international airport of Bole. They have self-contained rooms which are designed with unique African antiques from all over Africa, and it is run by  family that offers you the best services making you feel at home. They have home-made meals and offer one of the best cups of coffee in Addis Ababa.

  • The Sheraton hotel

The Sheraton hotel is a luxury accommodation facility and is located in the heart of Addis Ababa. They have self-contained rooms which offer you all the privacy that you need and from the vicinity of your rooms, you have a clear view of the whole city and the good scenery provided by the different tourist attraction sites that are found in Addis Ababa. They offer both international and local cuisines with the best personal service.

Accommodation facilities in Harar

  • The Ras hotel Harar

The Ras hotel is located next to the Jugol UNESCO heritage site and it is a mid-range accommodation facility. It has spacious self-contained rooms, an ATM, WIFI and in house restaurant that provides tourists with some of the best Ethiopian dishes.

Accommodation facilities of Bahir Dar

Bahir Dar city is located in the Amharic region and it is considered to be the capital city of the Amharic region. It is located on the shores of the Lake Tana and this area has a lot to offer when it comes to tourism like the Lake Tana monasteries. Some of the accommodation facilities that are found in the Bahir Dar city include the following:

  • The Jacaranda hotel

The Jacaranda hotel is located at the shores of Lake Tana and can easily be accessed either by car or on foot. It is a mid-range accommodation facility and has beautiful self-contained rooms which offer you a great view of the Lake and the monasteries with delicious food prepared by the locals.

  • Kuriftu lodge

The Kuriftu lodge is a luxury hotel and it is also located on the shores of the Lake Tana and it is one of the best places where you can stay when you visit the Bahir Tana although it might be a bit expensive. They offer good local and international meals, have an outdoor swimming pool and gardens where you can relax from and they also have over 28 spacious self-contained rooms with a private balcony which offers you the privacy you need as you enjoy the view around the Bahir Dar and the Lake Tana monasteries.

  • The Abay Minch lodge

The Abay Minch lodge is a semi luxury accommodation facility which is located near the Blue Nile Falls and the Lake Tana. It offers spacious self-contained rooms that are surrounded by lush gardens where you can rest after a long day while touring the city.

Accommodation facilities in the Danakil Depression

Known as the hottest place on planet earth, the Danakil Depression barely has accommodation facilities in form of hotels but there are two campsites that are available and these include the following:




  • The campsite Erta Ale

The Erta Ale campsite is a modest and basic accommodation facility that will give you a chance to have the best trip in the Danakil depression. There are huts that have been constructed in the camp and these were constructed around the Erta Ale Mountain and they give you a clear view of the bubbling lava at the top of the Mountain. There are camels that keep on carrying all the cooking equipment and food but you need to carry your own drinking water and body wipes as it is hard to get water for bathing in the Danakil Depression.

  • The campsite Ahmed Ela

The campsite Ahmed Ela is the other accommodation facility that is found in the Danakil Depression and it also falls under basic accommodation facilities. They also have huts that act as rooms and in these huts you will find a wooden cot ties to either side of the room and this acts as a bed. There is no water for both drinking and bathing and therefore you need to pack appropriately but the beauty about staying at this camp is that you get to see the action of the bubbling lava at the top of the mountain which gives of a good display especially at night.

Accommodation facilities in Lalibela

  • The top twelve hotel

This is a mid-range hotel and their self-contained rooms have a great view of the famous Lalibela rock churches while still offering you all the privacy that you need and not forgetting the delicious local meals that they provide throughout your stay.

  • The Maribela hotel

This is a semi luxurious hotel which is located in the heart of the Lalibela hills and they have self-contained spacious rooms where you get all the privacy that you need and they also provide great food and an open bar for the visitors.

Accommodation in Gondar city

  • The Fasil lodge

The fasil lodge is located next to the castles that are found in Gondar and it is a budget accommodation facility. Their proximity next to the churches makes sure that you get up early for your tour around Gondar due to the fact that they have bells that ring at every hour. They offer basic facilities to their guests, good food and a garden where you can rest from.

  • The Goha hotel

This is a semi luxury hotel and it offers tourists self-contained rooms, a camp fire which is used at night and good tasty meals throughout your stay in the city.

Accommodation in Axum city

  • The Yared Zema international hotel

This is a mid-range accommodation facility and it has beautiful self-contained rooms which have a clear view of the all that Axum has to offer including the good food and it is just fifteen minutes away from the Axum airport.

  • The Sabean international hotel

This is located near the Queen Sheba palace and has affordable self-contained rooms which also give you a clear view of the Holy city and whatever it has to offer like the churches and the good local food.

Hotel Accommodation In Ethiopia

Ethiopian hotels

are prominent for their warmth as well as wonderful services and facilities. It’s one country in Africa that is endowed with a big collection of fauna and flora. Ethiopia has a favorable climate throughout the year. Sunshine is also part of your stay in the country as it has a tourism catchphrase that states that Ethiopia 13months of sunshine. Many tourists visit the country all year around thus leading to the development of the

tourism sector

in Ethiopian.

Visiting Ethiopia will give so many options, you can decide to go visit the wilderness, catch a glance at the man made attractions and sightseeing at the beautiful landscapes of the country. Ethiopian has

luxurious hotels

that you can easily

book online

and still enjoy your stay; you will sit back and relax as you enjoy the environment. If not you can take an evening walk around as you take pleasure in the charming Ethiopia attractions and later on return to your hotel for sound sleep night.

Like any other country, Ethiopia’s hotels range depending on your budget. There are those that will cost you less dollars and those that will make you pay through the nose to enjoy a peaceful night and get better

services and facilities

. Keep in mind that the quality of services offered to you will depend on the type of accommodation paid for. Therefore as you plan your travel to Ethiopia, you are advised to book in advance the hotel of your choice.

Addis Ababa Hotels in Ethiopia

The hotels are up to standards serving both

international and local cuisine

. To have a memorable stay in Ethiopia, taste their local food that include spicy bread and injera-spongy that is accompanied with wot a traditional stew cooked with legumes, spices and meat. Just to change on the diet, you can prepare wot with fish, lamb, beef and chicken. Trust me you will have a delicious meal that will make you remember Ethiopia.Keep in mind that

holiday inns

will as well offer you the best services and they are quite affordable.

Staying at Ethiopia hotels caters for all people for instance meat eaters and vegetarians. They offer various dishes including vegetarian food such as shiro wot-injera prepared with vegetable stew. As you walk around the city, you may discover some Italian food restaurants. These will as well offer the best food that you yarn to eat. Sincerely speaking, food should not a problem if you are planning to visit Ethiopia.

The most prominent hotels in Addis Ababa include Hilton and Sheraton. They are five star hotels with beautiful scenery that will make your stay comfortable.

If you are a kind that loves luxury and wonderful services, these hotels or


are the best to book for your tour to Ethiopia. Besides these two, you can easily come across Ethiopia hotels that are private or owned by the government with prices that are affordable. A reasonably cost budget hotel  or an


will actually meet your standards of accommodation with average services and facilities to make your stay comfortable.