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You could be wondering which of the following is the most luxurious destination in the world; is it Rome, Milan, Tokyo, Paris or is it a secreted treasure, like Ethiopia? If in your own understanding luxury means incomparable natural beauty with a rich and diverse culture, an obligation to the ancient traditions,

luxurious and serene accommodations

, with the corresponding tranquility and quiet to pride in among its numerous attractions, then Ethiopia is certainly the ideal destination. As the common slogan used in the


industry in Ethiopia goes; “

come and enjoy Ethiopia before the tourists get here

!”Take a

vacation or holiday

to Ethiopia and experience the natural beauty of the country.

Where To Stay In Ethiopia

Ethiopia boosts of its abundant Sunshine and it is exaggerated claimed to have 13 months of sunshine annually. It follows the Julian calendar, with twelve months each with thirty days, and a five days thirteenth month. The Ethiopian calendar – the Julian calendar which these natives pride in is seven years and eight months behind that used by other western countries. Interestingly you can turn back time when in Ethiopia and be seven years younger than what you exactly are. What could feel better than youth and sunshine?

Flights to Ethiopia

are affordable and all you have to do is to get your


in advance prior to heading to Ethiopia

Other than these outstanding luxuries, one wanders what else does this beautiful country of Ethiopia have to offer? Majority of the people don’t understand that this is a very lavish destination. Luxury Ethiopia hotels are scattered all over its spectacular landscape, across its savannah habitants for game to the rugged mountain summits. These offer a wide range of facilities and are offered at different budgets.

For example the ultrachic Hilton Addis has restaurants, swimming pools, gyms, beauty salons, shops, satellite television, elegant and fully furnished rooms, and internet access.

There are numerous and quite affordable hotels that offer private showers and baths. You can look for for hotels by particular services you need at the official tourism Ethiopia’s site.

Tour operators

will be the best people to organize for you the best vacation package to Ethiopia

Luxury  Cultural Tour Ethiopia

The rich and diverse culture and history of Ethiopia is one of the greatest gifts the country has to offer to its travelers. The country has more than eighty different cultural tourist sites and about 200 different spoken languages. In addition to its natural beauty that is manifested in the numerous national parks in Ethiopia where you will see

cheetahs, lions, baboons, gazelles, green monkeys

, and many more, Ethiopia offers an insight into ancient rites and ceremonies. Visitors may choose to tour through Gondar’s marvelous castles, or the flourishing and muddled Merkato Marketplace or the rock-hewn churches at Lalibela. There is a lot to marvel at and partake in this during your safari in this exciting and multi – gifted country.

When To Visit Ethiopia

The best time to travel is between the months of October and April because of the favorable temperatures and climate in Ethiopia. It is so recommended that you don’t travel during the rainy months that run from June to October. During this time the country side is quite and the landscape is covered with wildflowers and green grass.
True luxury is discovering the beauty in the unpredictable. Ethiopia is much unpredicted and entirely memorable.

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