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The Bumi Tribe Ethiopia

The Bumi or the Bume people are as well called the Nyangatom. They stay south of Omo National Park, however from time to time move down to the lower areas in case food or even water is in short supply.  Well-known to be tough fighters, they are usually at war with the Hamer as well as Karo tribes.  Unlike other tribes, these Bumi tribesmen actually hunt crocodiles with their harpoons plus canoe. The men plus women practice Scarification in this tribe.  Their women do that to actually beautify themselves whereas the men do so to indicate a kill.  The two sexes put on numerous multi-colored necklaces and at times wear a plug on their lower lip .This tribe practices agriculture as well as cattle keeping.  Flood waters should reduce along the banks of the river before they plant crops.  Bee-hives are smoked-out by these people after which they stuff themselves with this honey.