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A number of choices are available to people visiting Gabon; an rising yet fascinating place for a wildlife holiday in Gabon with sights of lowland gorillas, turtles, forest elephants as well as  whales among others. Holidays in Gabon are still relatively basic in terms of service levels and so on, however just as you will notice in this article there is a variety of wildlife to see.

 Langoue Bai

– this is a destination with unmatched beauty; found in the centre of a rainforest – Langoue Bai in Gabon, offers adventurers the opportunity to encounter forest elephants grazing next to lowland gorillas mixed amidst sitatunga as well as buffaloes. The Bai, a pygmy word for the forest clearing, is roughly One kilometer long by 300 meters wide composed of nourishing salty soil which attracts forest animals into the open which you will clearly observe from the viewing platforms raised in the tree-line. Please be aware that seeing the gorillas depend on the time of year.

Range of accommodation is restricted to Langoue Bai Camp, a traditional tented camp found in the center of the forest.

 Loango – Loango National Park

opened in 2002  joining  Petit Loango plus Iguela  Reserves is an expanse of spectacular beauty blending a range of various habitats such as ocean, savannah, lagoon as well as the forest . Seeing the Lowland Gorillas in Gabon depends on the season while whales can be seen from July up to October and turtles from mid-November to mid-January. During the remaining months of the year you have the opportunity to see buffaloes, gorillas, crocodiles, chimpanzees, elephants plus hippos. From October up to March there are frequents sightings of larger animals like the forest elephants moving down the beach, and if fortunate hippos surfing in sea waters!

The air conditioned Accommodation offered at Loango Lodge, is comfortable and the lodges look over the hot water lagoon. Iguela Lodge in addition has several satellite camps in which you can in depth explore this park.

 Lope National Park

– habitat to 400 of the total 680  species of birds in Gabon – has the uncommon rock fowl as well as approximately 60 different mammal species  like the huge forest elephants, mandrill, lowland gorillas plus chimpanzees . This Reserve has an approximated 1,350  population of mandrills (generally seen in from July to August) plus 3,00 to 5,00 lowland gorillas; as you make every effort to actually track these primates the challenge is that they are fast paced and therefore hard-to-find and seeing them is not guaranteed.

Accommodation at Lope Hotel is very comfortable and this lodge is situated on the rim of River Ogooue. From this lodge travelers can easily access the Mikongo Camp for a primate walk into the verdant forest.

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