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Information on when to vist the lowland gorillas in Africa, Gabon gorilla watching and so much more.

Primates – with the 2nd largest rainforest on the planet Gabon hosts a number of primates such as the lowland gorillas, chimpanzees, mandrills plus a several monkey species (red capped Mangabey , sun tailed, moustached and the Colobus, among many others).

Western lowland gorilla, indigenous to Gabon, are recognized for how challenging it is to habituate them to human presence; having wider home territories, this subspecies usually moves long distances looking for its preference diet hence making it more challenging to track as well as harder to even habituate. Tracking the western gorillas in Gabon can’t and must never be compared to tracking mountain gorillas in Uganda or Rwanda. The finest opportunity for seeing the gorillas in Gabon is within Langoue Bai (which is a forest clearing) in which a number of forest animals go into the Bai looking for water plus minerals to complement their diet. Observing wild lowland gorillas together with other animals like the forest elephants, sitatunga, as well as buffalo is rather an exceptional sight! Gorillas can as well be seen in other parks within Gabon although seeing them is not guaranteed.  Tracking is physically demanding and be ready to be move through this forest crawling on your stomach – travelers should remember that they are actually among the very first visitors in this country making it even more thrilling an experience!!


Chimpanzees are as well present in good sized quantities inside Gabon. Currently there aren’t any chimpanzee families/troops that have already been habituated and for that reason seeing them is not guaranteed although chances are that you will encounter them or perhaps their tracks on your excursions.

Mandrills constitute one of the biggest primate gatherings on the planet with groups of around one thousand and more! Gabon’s Lope National Park is among the best destinations to see these groups in the dry season.


Additional Wildlife – Although Gabon doesn’t posses savannah game as in countries like Kenya Uganda or Tanzania it continuously has surprises for its guests – famous for its hippos, western gorillas, buffaloes and elephants commonly seen along the beach, it is a “Garden of Eden”.


Marine Life – the beaches in Gabon are internationally well-known nesting places for turtles, in particular leatherback turtles, which come on land to lay their eggs from mid November up to mid January annually. On the other hand you could visit from July to October as the waters off the coastline the significant breeding area for humpback whales! Breathtaking to watch at 15 meters long and usually mixing with mind blowing whales plus dolphins; this is surely a must!


Gabon’s great diversity of plant life and animals is distinctive to Africa and it’s this uniqueness that attributes to the reasons as to why you should visit Gabon. Because Gabon is a new tourist destination, it might not guarantee sightings of particular animals however the combination of this variety in a single country offers a unique experience that isn’t possible in other countries in the world. we recommends Gabon as a tourist destination for experienced travelers and please remember that  Gabon is actually a seasonal destination. Make sure you contact us for additional details.