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This is the 3rd largest city within Gabon and is located 300 kilometers up-stream from Port Gentil and south of the equator-crossing on River Ogooué. It is reachable by road from the capital Libreville, an excursion which goes by several settlements and a number of shocking sights of stalls selling bush meat just by the roadside. Just close to this town is a well maintained airport.

The total population is currently about 30,000 and this city internationally renowned for Albert Schweitzer (a Nobel Peace prize winner) and his outstanding hospital which is up to date is a big attraction here. The hospital was constructed in 1913 in this region to treat patients from the neighboring area. This project was a great success and the initial hospital up to date stands next to a newly constructed one which is among the finest equipped in the Africa. We recommend that you visit the old hospital which currently is a well maintained museum.

Decent accommodation is available on the banks of Lake Evaro and you can enjoy a thrilling day trip in a motorized pirogue over the lakes of Onague, Ezanga and Evaro. This trip extremely good for birding; in addition you can enjoy a brief visit of the riverside town or even opt to unwind by the lakeside.

The river separates the city into 3 districts: Rive Droite, Rive Gauche as well as Ile Lambaréné. The standard temperature is 27°C and the rainy season begins in October and ends in June (together with a short dry season in December or January). The lengthy dry season starts in July up to September. The majority of the residents make a living from fishing and more recently from tourism

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